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5 Best Yoga Poses for a Slim Waist

Yoga poses are one of the ancient and most effective forms of workout that entails innumerable benefits including a slim waist. This includes improving physical fitness, enhancing mental well-being, toning your body in a nourishing manner, and of course getting a slim waist. Yoga poses will effectively engage your body along with working on your core and back, which will result in getting a flattened tummy. Yoga poses will also help in burning calories, boosting your metabolism, and making you more flexible.

Belly fat can be the result of many different factors such as poor diet, genetics, physical inactivity, age, and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. A balanced diet coupled with yoga poses will help you get healthier along with getting rid of the stubborn flabby parts around your stomach.


Here are five of the best yoga poses that will help you get a slim waist along with improving your body health. These yoga poses will also help in relieving stress and tightness in the muscle, which will improve your mental health.

Best Yoga Poses for Slim Waist

1. Bow Pose or Dhanurasana


A bow pose is an intermediate-level yoga pose that will work on your chest, abdomen, lower back, shoulders, and neck. This move will help you get a slim waist by stretching the core muscles along the back.

How to do it?

Lie flat on the ground on your stomach with your hands by the sides. Now try to bring your heels as close to the butt as you can by bending your knees while simultaneously raising your hands towards the back to touch your ankles. Lift your heels and hands off your hips along with lifting the thighs, head, and chest off the ground and towards the ceiling. Hold the bow pose for a few moments before releasing it to the starting position. To deepen the stretch, press your tailbone onto the mat.

2. Camel Pose or Ustrasana


Camel Pose will help you get a slim waist by completely stretching your quads, abdomen, and chest. The backbend stretch of the pose will also help in toning the muscles of your lower back along with reducing the fat from the region.

How to perform it?

Start in the kneeling position with your back upright and hips stacked above the knees. With an open chest, bring your hands back to grab your heels one at a time. Make sure that your hips stay stacked over your knees. You can also drive your head backward to stretch your neck. Hold the camel pose for a few moments before releasing.


3. Triangle Pose or Trikonasana

The triangle pose is one of the simpler yoga poses that will help you get a slim waist by stretching the sides of your stomach region. Along with targeting the pelvic region, chest, hamstrings, and hips.

How to do it?

Start off with feet wider than the shoulder distance. Now draw your left foot towards the side with your hip tucked inwards and bring your left hand towards your ankle. Bend your torso above the waistline with your right hand extended towards the ceiling. Hold the triangle pose for a few moments before releasing. Swap sides and repeat.

4. Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar

Sun salutation is a sequence of yoga poses that will target your entire body. Besides helping you get a slim waist, the sun salutation will also help in burning a high number of calories, toning the muscles throughout your body and improving flexibility. Some of the poses that are included in the sun salutation are mountain poses, plank poses, forward bends, downward facing dog, cobra poses, and more. These yoga poses will relentlessly target your body to build strength in the muscles.


5. Tabletop Pose or Bharmanasana

The tabletop pose is one of the simple yet effective yoga poses to get a slim waist and realign the spine.

How to do it?

Get on the floor on all fours that are both hands and knees. Keep your palms directly underneath the shoulders and knees directly underneath the hips. Keep your eyes in between the palms with your back completely flat. Lengthen your spine and keep your head forward to feel the stretch. Hold the tabletop pose for a few moments before releasing.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned yoga poses are the best and most effective asana to get a slim waist and boost the overall health of the body. These yoga poses will also provide numerous other advantages to your health and fitness of the body. However, make sure to assume the position of yoga slowly and in a controlled manner to avoid straining or tightening the muscles. Additionally, make sure to breathe deeply throughout the movement as breathing is an essential component of yoga.

Overall, yoga poses are low-impact workouts that provide a high number of benefits.


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