Top 4 European Football Clubs trading in Stock Markets

In a world where chancing in a bid to make money is all it matters, why should football clubs lag behind? The reputed football clubs around the world can generate tremendous amount of capital by issuing its shares to the public through stock exchanges.While this may sound like an exciting prospect, it has its own gambles and hazards. The fluctuation in the on-field showing directly impacts their stocks price.Let's take a look at a few clubs which follow the mechanism of an Initial Public Offering (IPO).


#4 Juventus

Juventus, a Borsa Italiana stock, is owned by Exor S.p.A, which bears over 60% stake in club. The Club has the advantage of having an informal association with the car-making company, FIAT, which was set up by the great-grandfather of Andrea Agnelli, the reigning President of Juventus.

Not only does the club benifit from the goodwill of FIAT, but also its dominance in the Serie A doubles up its prospects. Juventus have been incredibly consistent, having won the Serie A championship in 2012, 2013, and close to winning it this year as well.

The market price of the shares of Juventus stands at €0.23 per share. Juventus’ stock has appreciated by more than 5.5% in the year gone by.

#3 AS Roma


Italian Serie A club AS Roma’s shares are open for purchase by the public on the Italian Stock Exchange, also known as Borsa Italiana. In order to have stability in the organization, the club is registered as a JSC (Joint Stock Company). A majority stake of about 78% is held by NEEP Roma Holdings S.p.A.

The rest of the shares is open to the public at a market price of around €1.18. The stock has grown by a stunning 140% in the last one year. Part of the credit goes to the stellar show put up by the side in the ongoing season of the Serie A (currently 2nd behind Juventus).


#2 Borussia Dortmund

German heavyweights Borussia Dortmund are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the 10th largest securities market in the world. The CEO of the club’s subsidiary, Bernd Geske, holds over 11% of the shares of the club. The club is operated by Borussia Drotmund e.V., which holds just 7.24% of the stakes.

Private institutions and public with no tie-up to the club have the highest stake (81.05%). While it may sound strange, which it does, the fans do have their say for ther betterment of the club.


Its share price standss at around €3.75 per share.

#1 Manchester United

The beloved club of millions across the world, Manchester United’s parent JSC is Manchester United plc. The club was re-listed on New York Stock Exchange in 2012 after its sole owner, Malcolm Glazer, ran into a huge debt. Currently, he owns over 147m shares of the stock, which corresponds to about 90% stake.

Only 10% of the outstanding shares are open for public. In two years time, the share price of the stock has improved by a meagre $2.5 to about $16.5, the current price per share. The league standings don't inspire much confidence either, as the club lies in tatters in 7th place.

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