Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018: Group B, South Korea vs Iran, Live Match Updates

Updated: 25 June 2018 21:01 IST
Published: 25 June 2018 21:01 IST

Iran 31-27 Korea (Full Time)

Full Time:

Iran 31-27 South Korea

Iran become the first team to enter the final four of the Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018 with three successive wins in the Group B.
That's it!! Iran have overturned this match and claimed the 5 points !! Great effort from the World Cup Runners-up as they stemmed the Korean momentum to win the clash.
Maghsoudlou goes in for the raid and gets two men out as he didn't pass the mid-line and got a late touch on the rushing defender.
The umpire review the call and deem it unsuccessful. Two points for Iran as we enter the final minute of the match.
Emad Sedaghatnia goes in to raid and has got two points - a bonus and a touch point after a great effort on the right corner. The Koreans are shocked and challenge the decision.
Maghsoudlou is the next man to raid and gets a bonus point on the left corner with a great attempt to keep the pressure on the Koreans.
Jang Kun Lee goes for the raid and gets a bonus point on the right corner and cuts the lead back to one point. Just over two minutes to go in the match.
Emad Sedaghatnia comes in as a sub and manages to get a running hand touch on the left cover defender.
Maleki goes for the raid and is caught at the centre of the defence but manages a bonus point for Iran. Iran lead by one point. Three minutes to go.
Do-or-Die Raid for Dong Ju Hong, and he scores the point as he jumps over the diving tackle attempt by Maghsoudlou and scrambles to the mid-line.
Maghsoudlou gets a smart touch point on the left corner after a fumble by Tae Deok Eom.
Maghsoudlou and Mirzaei execute a good combined tackle to get Dong Ju Hong out at the right corner of the Iranian defence. Time-out called.
Nabibaksh is tackled down just near the mat in a great show of strength by the Korean defenders and they swarm the raider to get the point.
Jang Kun Lee is revived and goes to raid but is caught on the right corner after taking too much to attack. Back to the waiting line for the Korean skipper.
Nabibaksh is in for the Do-or-Die raid and goes deep but is blindsided by the defence and brought down after a reverse kick attempt.
Jae Min Lee goes for the Do-or-Die raid and tries a Scorprion kick on the left corner but gets dazzled by a dash from Hadi Tajik. First point of the tournament for Tajik!!
Maghsoudlou uses his feet extension well to score the bonus point.
Maleki escapes from the ankle hold and jumps to get to the mid-line but the Korean defenders get him out of bounds to secure the point.
Jang Kune Lee is just inches away from the mid-line after a diving tackle by Nabibaksh but the skipper is unable to get the point in his bag.
Maleki goes in for a do-or-die raid and gets caught on the left lobby but a Korean defender also goes out of bounds. The ref awards a point each to the two sides.
The second half begins!!

Iran 17-15 Korea

Iran crawl their way back into the lead after the initial push by the Korean side inflicting an all-out early in the match.
Maghsoudlou gets the bonus point on the left corner in the final raid of the first half.
Jae Min Lee, the last man goes in for the raid and uses up his time and that is an all-out for Iran. Iran have come back in to the match and taken a slender lead at the stroke of the first half.
Nabibaksh goes in for the Do-or-Die raid against two Korean defenders and gets Kim out with a great escape after a failed body hold attempt near the mid-line.
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