Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018: Iran vs Argentina, Live Match Updates

Updated: 26 June 2018 20:56 IST
Published: 26 June 2018 20:55 IST

Iran 57-27 Argentina (FT)

That's all from the live coverage of the first match of the Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018 as Iran defeat Argentina with a 57-27 scoreline. Stay tuned for the all live updates of the action from Dubai right here at Sportskeeda.
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Iran 57-27 Argentina

Argentina win in comfortable fashion as Saed Ghaffari's strong raiding exploits keep them undefeated in the tournament. With this loss for Argentinga, South Korea have moved into the final four of the tournament.
Matias Martinez goes in for the buzzer raid and gets a touch point on the left corner after a slip from the ankle hold attempt.

Shadloui is taken down by Canencia at the centre of the mat but waits and gets another touch before getting his hand past the mid-line. Two points for Iran as we near the end of the match.
Naseri is dashed off the mat by Nahuel Lopez as he started to make his way towards the mid-line. Good effort from Lopez.
Nahuel Lopez scores a superb raid point on the left corner with a dive towards the mid-line after a touch.
Mariano Pascual is revived but gives away the final raid point for the all-out for Iran.
Sebastian Canencia goes in as the last man to raid and manages to get a touch and bonus point to barely keep them alive in the contest after being thrown out of the bounds by the defenders.
Ghorbani goes in against two men and scores an easy touch to reduce the South Americans to one man.
Nahuel Villamayor is taken out with a good tackle on the left corner and now it's Argentina who are in danger of an all-out.
Just when it looked lit it's headed for an all-out, Mohammad Taghi pulls out a stunner and scores a Super Raid!!

Four points for the Iran man with a superb raiding effort on the left corner. 
Franco Castro goes in against three men and forces Naseri deep into the right corner and rushes to the mid-line as Iran are now in danger of an unexpected all-out.

Time-out called.
Mariano Pascual is on point again as he gets another running hand touch on the left corner defender.
Sebastian Canencia rushes in too quick and gives an easy tackle point to Ghaffari.
Nahuel Lopez gets his man with a touch on the left corner after a failed ankle hold attempt.
Saed Ghaffari goes in for the do-or-die raid and gets two men out with a good touch and turn on the right corner.
Franco Castro takes Hamid Mirzaei out with a quick escape from the ankle hold attempt on the right corner.
Mariano Pascual moves around a lot during his raid and capitalizes on a slip by Ghorbani to stumble across the mid-line to score his 5th raid point of the match. He has been impressive for the Argentina side.
Game resumes after the timeout and Argentina score a good tackle point taking out Jafari with a ankle hold by the skipper Acevedo.
Mariano Pascual moves well across the mat and gets a running hand touch on Shadloui on the left corner of the Iran defence.

Time-out called.
Gramajo goes in too deep within the Iran defence and is taken out with a strong tackle.
Ghorbani goes to raid from the left side and manages to get two points after a great effort escaping from the ankle hold and gets an added touch point as the defender tried to keep him away.
Mohammad Ghorbani scores an easy bonus point on the right corner and rushes to the mid-line to secure the point.
Naseri is caught on the left corner with a diving ankle hold and Canencia rushes in with a dash to bring him down on the lobby. Good combination by the South Americans.
Mariano Pascual manages to get a touch point on the left corner with a good hand touch.
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