Serbia Tour 2018: India U16 vs Jordan U16, Live Match Updates

Updated: 09 May 2018 21:25 IST
Published: 09 May 2018 18:52 IST

Jordan U16 - 1 India U16 - 2 FT

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With no goals in the second half, it was a gruelling test for both defenses and the two outstanding keepers. Both can leave the field with their heads held high. 
Jordan made a good fightback making India really fight for their win. They came back strong in the second half and would have definitely scored, if not for the heroics of  Jongte under the crossbar. In a nutshell, it was an extremely entertaining match for the neutrals with both teams going at it from the word go and not holding back at all. Well done India for holding on despite those swathes of Jordan pressure. 
There's the final whistle and it's all over. India win the match 2-1. 
87' Two substitutions for India : Ravi and Bikas on for Vikram and Sailo
84' Substitution by India : Reuben comes on for Rohit
80' What a save by Jongte !!!!!! India holding on by the skin of their teeth. 
79' The Indian defense is being put to the test, with wave after wave of Jordan attack. 
75' With a third of the half left, India get a free-kick. But nothing comes off it. 
66' Jordan with  free-kick deep in the Indian half. This is something straight from the training grounds. The ball instead of being put into the box, is laid off for the onrushing Jordan player just outside the box. He however does not hit it first time and the defenders can converge on him forcing his shot wide. 
63' Jordan on the ball as they tear down the left flank. The final ball in is however extremely poor and straight at the Indian keeper with no pace on it. 
56' It's a beautiful ball over everyone's heads, straight from the indian back line to the striker, who takes it down well and charges towards goal, but the final shot is way wide. 
53' It's all India now, with Givson now with another shot at goal. But it's the goalie to the rescue again for Jordan, pulling off another stunner of a save. 
52' A big chance missed by India. Sailo is denied by the Jordan keeper who makes another good save to keep his team in the match. Sailo gets his shot off quickly and it's destined for the back of the net, till it's pushed away by the fingertips of the keeper.  
50' The Indians get a shot off from inside the box, but it has no power and is also reached by a Jordan defender, allowing the goalie to collect easily. 
48' Jordan get a corner, but they cannot make good use of it. 
48' India seem calm on the ball right now, keeping most of the possession and making Jordan run after the ball.  
There's the referee's whistle and we are off with the second half. 
The scoreline reads 2-1, in favour of India. 
 Bibiano has organised his troops well with good planning and that is being in the play of his team. Despite getting dealt a bad hand early and conceding an early goal, India held their nerves and put on a good performance ensuring that they did not go further behind and in fact scored twice to take the lead. 
Jordan had a good chance in the match, after they got an early lead. However as the game progressed, they seemed to succumb to the increasing pressure of the well-organised Indian team. They lost their nerve and the scoreline reflects that. It will be a test of their character when they come out in the second half, to see whether they can bounce  back from this like India did.  
There's the whistle and it's half-time here. 
45+2' Jordan get a free-kick in the Indian half but they cannot make much of the chance. 
42' India get a free-kick deep in the Jordan half. The ball is put into the box, but Jordan come out with the ball on the counter, with pace. The reach the Indian box, but the final shot is wide of the post. 
38' The Jordan team making two substitutions simultaneously. 
30' It's India on the front foot now, putting the Jordan backline to the test. It will be interesting to see now, if they can hold on under this constant pressure.  
It's that young man again. Ridge with another cool finish as he suddenly finds the ball at his feet, with the first shot having bounced off the keeper and he coolly puts it into the empty net. It's India now with the advantage.   
25' It's an open game right now and looks like the scoreline may change soon. 
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