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WWE RAW Live Results (June 5. 2023): Seth Rollins defends the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event

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08:35 (IST)6 JUN 2023

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08:33 (IST)6 JUN 2023

08:32 (IST)6 JUN 2023

08:32 (IST)6 JUN 2023

08:31 (IST)6 JUN 2023

08:31 (IST)6 JUN 2023


08:30 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Seth Rollins hits Damian Priest with a bucklebomb outside the ring, but Balor appears out of nowhere to disrupt the match. The Visionary knocks him out with a clothesline and makes his way to the ring. Priest is successful in hitting the South of Heaven followed by another pin attempt. Seth Rollins manages to hit him with the stomp and pin him for the win. Seth Rollins def. Damian Priest. 

08:28 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Damian Priest hits Seth Rollins with a headlock driver and attempts another pin. He sets the champion for South of Heaven but he counters and lands on his feet. The Visionary perches himself on the top rope as Priest follows suit and hits him with the hurricanrana. 

08:25 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Seth Rollins hits Damian Priest with three suicide dives to knock him off his feet outside the ring. He superkicks the contender as he rolls into the ring. The champion jumps off the top rope with frog splash followed by a pin but Priest kicks out. 

08:23 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Back from commercial, the two men are on the top rope as Rollins attempts a suplex but Priest manages to punch his way out. The Visionary falls on his back but runs up and is successful in hitting Priest with a superplex. 

08:19 (IST)6 JUN 2023


08:19 (IST)6 JUN 2023

08:19 (IST)6 JUN 2023

The Visionary takes flight through the ropes onto Damian Priest outside the ring, but he flings him face-first on the announcers' table. The Archer of Infamy does not have his fellow Judgment Day members at ringside, owing to the segment earlier on in the night. 

08:17 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Damian Priest kicks Seth Rollins as he attempts to get back to his feet. The former US Champion wastes no time and puts Rollins in a submission move as he counters only to be met with a vicious hit to the back. The two men exchange chops before the champion throws his opponent off his feet with a clothesline. 

08:15 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Rollins' agility enables him to jump over the barricade onto Priest again and the two roll back into the ring. Priest sets Rollins in a headlock, and hits the champion in the face as he bounces off the ropes for an attack. 

08:14 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Back from commercial, the two men are back in the ring and Priest bounces Rollins off the ropes but he dodges and goes over the top rope. The Visionary pushes Priest into the post. The Judgment Day member seems dazed as the champion gets ready for an attack. The 40-year old counters and launches him over the barricade. 

08:11 (IST)6 JUN 2023

08:11 (IST)6 JUN 2023

08:10 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Seth Rollins vs. Damian Priest: The Judgment Day member pushes Seth Rollins into the corner and trash talks him. The Visionary lashes out with punches as Priest pushes him across the ring. Rollins uses the ropes and hits his opponent out of the ring. 

08:00 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:59 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:58 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin vs. Indus Sher (Veer Mahaan and Sanga): Before the bell rings, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin pounce on Indus Sher. Sanga holds up Alexander as Mahaan jumps off the top rope. The referee calls for the match to end following their vicious attack, but they repeat their move on Cedric Alexander. Indus Sher (Veer Mahaan and Sanga) def. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin

07:52 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:51 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:50 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:50 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:49 (IST)6 JUN 2023

She rolls out of the ring and back again with some assistance from Trish Stratus. A hit to Natalya's injured knee by Stratus creates a distraction enabling her to set her up for the Z-360 followed by a pin for the win. Zoey Stark def. Natalya. 

07:48 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Zoey Stark vs. Natalya: The new WWE star wastes no time in showcasing her athletic ability and targets Natalya's injured knee. Trish Stratus cheers on from ringside as Stark hits her opponent's knee on the mat multiple times. She gets up on her feet and sets the former champion in a side headlock, but she counters. Natalya kicks Stark in the midsection, followed by a German suplex. The former champion sets Stark in the sharpshooter in the middle of the ring as she manages to get to the bottom rope to break the submission move. 

07:44 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:38 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:38 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:36 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Dominik Mysterio claims The American Nightmare is also a bad father, much like Rey Mysterio. Cody Rhodes responds that his prison tattoo is as bad as his. He adds that Dominik Mysterio was a mistake by Rey Mysterio. The two Judgment Day members mock a walk out of the ring as the young Mysterio sneakily attacks Cody Rhodes. 

07:32 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:32 (IST)6 JUN 2023

The A-Lister claims he has a surprise guest too before announcing it to be Dominik Mysterio. The young Mysterio makes his way to the ring accompanied by Rhea Ripley. 

07:30 (IST)6 JUN 2023

The Miz has Cody Rhodes as special guest on Miz TV. He calls out Rhodes' 'stupidity' to go up against Brock Lesnar and challenging him to a fight. The American Nightmare claims The Beast has set out on his 'annual hibernation' and was not around on RAW. 

07:27 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:23 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:20 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:19 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:18 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Bronson Reed attacks both stars leaving them knocked out in the ring as the bell rings for the match to conclude. The match ends in a no-contest due to Bronson Reed's interruption. 

07:16 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Back from the commercial, the two former IC Champions hit each other with multiple shots. Ricochet attempts to pounce on Nakamura in the corner, who turns it around and hits him with a snap German suplex through the ropes. Ricochet goes up to the ropes, followed by Shinsuke Nakamura, they throw punches as Bronson Reed disrupts the match. 

07:11 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:10 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:10 (IST)6 JUN 2023

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ricochet: The two stars have a verbal exchange backstage along with Bronson Reed. This happens right after the women's tag team match. As soon as the bell rings, the two men try to wear each other down by attempting submission moves. Nakamura rolls out of the ring, and Ricochet tries to fly through the ropes but his opponent counters. He pushes Nakamura away and attempts another high-flying move through the ropes and is successful. 

07:01 (IST)6 JUN 2023

07:01 (IST)6 JUN 2023

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