WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW before Extreme Rules (13th July 2020)

Updated: 14 July 2020 08:52 IST
Published: 14 July 2020 08:21 IST

Will the Kabuki Warriors win the Women's Tag Titles tonight?

That match came down to the absolute last seconds. This was incredible to watch in every way possible, Yet another exciting amazing match on RAW. The Go Home Show for Extreme Rules definitely did its job.

Well, that's it for tonight folks. It's been a pleasure to cover all the live action for you, I've been Anirban. Join us again for AEW: Fight For The Fallen and WWE NXT later this week. I'll also be returning for Impact Slammiversary, and WWE Extreme Rules later this week. 

Well, that's it for tonight. Stay tuned here for all the news from the wrestling world and we will post the results for RAW here within moments. 
Kairi hits another forearm shot and then hits the Alabama Slam. She goes for the sliding clothesline but is caught in the Bank Statement, and that'sit.

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeat the Kabuki Warriors
Asuka is withstanding the attacks from both Bayley and Banks. Bayley puts Asuka on the top rope and then hits the Hurricanrana from the top rope. She takes out Kairi Sane and Sasha tries the pinfall. Nope. Asuka reverses. ASUKA LOCK! Sasha could submit, but Kairi interrupts Bayley from interrupting them. Sasha is able to reach the ropes and the two reverse each other again and again. Sane is able to get the tag. Asuka with the high kick to the face. SAne hits the INSANE Elbow. They almost won, but Bayley drags Sasha out. 
Asuka is put on the top rope and is brought down. Sasha comes in and hits the Meteroa, but Asuka is able to still kick out. 
Asuka hits the sliding knee strike on the apron. Bayley is hurt, but is able to kick out. 
Bayley and Banks are really bringing the pain for Sane as she can't seem to break out.Finally she manages to slip through the legs of Sasha, but after a lot of struggle, is able to hit a spinning back fist. Finally the tag is made and Asukafaces Bayley. Asuka hits an enormous Hip Atack on Bayley. She takes out Bayley and Sasha together with a clothesline bulldog combination. 
Sasha and Bayley continue to double team Sane and bring the pain, while keeping Asuka on the outside. Bayley hits a hip attack, in a taunting move on Sane. 
Sasha gets the cover on Sane, but only a near-fall. Sasha and Bayley work together to isolate Kairi as they choke her in their own corner.
Now, Asuka is doing some damage to Sasha Banks, working on her constantly. Asuka sends Sasha into her corner and hits the Hip Attack. Bayley takes out Asuka from behind, ranging her off the apron. Things turn, and now Sasha and Bayley are well in control. 

Bayley and Sasha catapult Kairi into the plexi-glass.
Bayley has managed to get the advantage and stomps down Asuka, only for Asuka to come back had hit the Codebreaker on Baytey. Sane comes in, takes out Sasha, and then the running Blockbuster on Bayley. She hits the Sliding Knee on Bayley and Bayley can only nearly kick out. Sasha gets the tag from Bayley, and Asuka tags in herself. Sasha and Bayley are dropped from the apron with double hip attacks. 
Asuka catches Bayley's kick and then proceeds to punish Bayley with several kicks to the gut. 
The Women's Tag Team title match is now finally officially underway after all the messes created at the beginning. Bayley comes in and faces Asuka, while Asuka had wanted to face her Extreme Rules opponent Sasha. 
Asuka and Kairi Sane are out now. This is going to be quite a match as we get ready for the title match. Bayley and Banks don't wait around and attack Asuka and Sane to land cheap shots and gain and advantage. It does not last as  Sane and Asuka fight back and dump Bayley and Banks outside. 
Bayley and Sasha Banks have brought a movie for themselves, showcasing their successful careers in WWE it seems. 
It's time now for the WWE Women's Tag Team Match:

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Asuka and Kairi Sane
Lashley is continuing to put the pressure on Ricochet with a Superkick, but he kicks out. Ricochet manages to get up to hit a kick on the shoulder and then a Standing Shootiing Star for a nearfall. Ricochet goes for the dive but hits him with theSuperkick. Ricochet jumps directly into the Full Nelson.

Bobby Lashley defeats Ricochet

Cedric Alexander is able to break down the Full Nelson, but they are both then slammed down. They are hurt. 
Bobby Lashley spear Ricochet in the corner and Lashley continue to put on the pressure. LAshley throws Ricochet around, but Ricochet also uses his speed. Bobby Lashley catches Ricochet in mid air and hits the Dominator. RICOCHET KICKS OUT.
Ricochet starts well with an Enzuigiri, but Bobby shrugs it off. The match continues outside where Lashley drives Ricochet into the barrier. 
Up now: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs Ricochet w/ Cedric Alexander
Dolph Ziggler attacks Drew McIntyre backstage, The two of them start to brawl. At Extreme Rules, things are not going well at all. 
Randy stands next to R-Truth and lines up for the punt. BIG SHOW IS HERE. Randy Orton tells him to stop as if he takes one more step he will punt R-Truth. He tells Big Show it hurt him to punt Edge and Christian. 

Randy Orton challenges Big Show to an unsanctioned match for next Monday's episode of RAW. Big Show accepts and Randy Orton runs away. 
R-Truth asks Randy Orton to hold on a minute as he wants to talk to Ric Flair. Randy Orton attacks him from behind, but Truth fights back. 

It's not going to be enough. It's not. Randy Orton is able to hit the RKO on Truth and that's it. 

Randy Orton defeats R-Truth. They leave the ring,... wait no. RANDY HAS STOPPED. NO. 
Ric Flair tells R-Truth that Randy Orton loves him too. So he won't punt him, will just hit the RKO. Gee Thanks. 
R-Truth is about to face Randy Orton, but he is still singing and dancing. Got to love Truth. 
Randy Orton vs R-Truth
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