WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live after Stomping Grounds 2019 (25th June 2019)

Updated: 26 June 2019 07:44 IST
Published: 26 June 2019 07:44 IST

How will The WWE Champion react to Samoa Joe's attack?

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Here are the results from tonight's SmackDown Live:
1. New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) defeats Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
2. Heavy Machinery and New Day defeats Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan and Rowan
3. Elias defeats The Miz with 2 out of 3 falls
4. Nikki Cross defeats Bayley
5. Ember Moon vs Sonya DeVille
6. Kofi Kingston defeats Dolph Ziggler

That's it for tonight's show folks. What an amazing episode of WWE SmackDown Live. I've been Anirban Banerjee, and it has been a pleasure to be covering this show. 
The show had some amazing matches. The quality of matches that WWE has been putting on recently has improved drastically!
Dolph goes for a Superkick, but Dolph avoids it. Kofi's first Trouble in Paradise is avoided, but Kofi comes in for a second and it connects. KOFI HAS DEFEATED DOLPH ZIGGLER.
Results: Kofi Kingston defeats Dolph Ziggler
Kofi tries the Trouble in Paradise, but Dolph catches him. Ziggler drives him into the post and hits a Zigzag. KOFI KICKS OUT!
Ziggles tried a Famouser, but Kofi catches him and hits him with a Powerbomb for a near fall. 
Kingston catches Ziggler with a kick to the side of the face, followed by a clothesline from the top for a near fall.
Kingston hits a clothesline and tries for a Boom Drop, but Ziggler rolls away. 
Kingston and Ziggler exchange blows and Kofi picks up momentum with chops. He hits Ziggler with a Crossbody but Ziggler manages to hit the DDT on him. 
Kofi Kingston manages to escape and throws Ziggler chest first into the turnbuckle.
Ziggler sends Kofi into the turnbuckle and after a near fall, applies a Body Scissors with a Rear Chin Lock. 
Ziggler goes for another pin, but this time Kofi kicks out. 
Dolph Ziggler gets a fall back almost immediately. He hits an amazing Superkick for the fall. 
Dolph Ziggler gets the second fall
Dolph Ziggler goes immediately for the cheap shot and hits the Zig Zag out on the floor.
Kingston is rolled up by Ziggler but Kingston reverses. They exchange pin attempts. Dolph tries a pin with his hands on the rope, but Kofi reverses and gets the first fall.
Kofi Kingston gets then first fall
Ziggler hits Kofi Kingston with an amazing Dropkick. He is dominating the early part of the match. He locks in a modified Sleeper Hold, but Kofi escapes. 
Ziggler and Kofi are quite familiar with each other by now and begin feeling each other out. 
Up now: Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston (c) in a 2 out of 3 falls match - if Ziggler wins, the match at Extreme Rules becomes a Triple Threat.
Aleister Black is sitting and talking about how no one seems to be ready to face him. He complains, but suddenly there is a knock on the door. Black looks up and gives a sinister smile. 
Mandy Rose provides the distraction and Sonya pushes Ember Moon headfirst into the ring post. Sonya pins her immediately. That was.... fast.
Results: Sonya Deville defeats Ember Moon
Sonya takes Ember Moon to the floor fast. She uses her MMA background to dominate Ember. Ember comes back with a punch to the face, a kick and an Enzuigiri.
Up Now: Ember Moon vs Sonya DeVille
Backstage, R-Truth and Drake Maverick face each other. Maverick says that his life is done because Truth took the title away from him. He has nothing anymore. He tells R-Truth that he has ruined his life. R-Truth hugs Drake Maverick and says if this means that much to him to pin him. But no, R-Truth kidding and runs away. Maverick is knocked down by Superstars running past them.
Bayley goes for the Crossbody, but Nikki avoids and goes for a Crucifix Pin. Bayley kicks out, but after a couple of reversals, she stopped Bayley's roll up and manages to pin Bayley. NIKKI HAS DONE IT FOR ALEXA BLISS!
Results: Nikki Cross defeats Bayley

Nikki Cross tries her best to get Bayley down, but Bayley threw her out of the ring. She goes for the Suicide Dive but Cross got out of the way. Bayley was hurt and Cross tries to take advantage. 
Cross is out of the gate fast, attacking Bayley! Bayley reverses and tries to get a better handle of things. She hangs up Nikki up on the second rope. Nikki reverses and hits a one-legged dropkick. She follows it with a Crossbody for a near-fall.
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