WWE Worlds Collide Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Worlds Collide (25th January 2020)

Updated: 26 January 2020 08:22 IST
Published: 26 January 2020 06:55 IST

Who will prevail in the titanic clash between Imperium and Undisputed Era?

That... was an amazing show. I'm exhausted but I had a lot of fun watching it all with you. Thanks for watching along with us.

TOMORROW is the Royal Rumble and, to be fair, it's got its work cut out for it. 

I'll see you all later on! Have a fantastic night!
Imperium defeat Undisputed ERA
NXT Champion Rhea Ripley defeats Toni Storm
#DIY defeat Moustache Mountain
Jordan Devlin wins the NXT Cruiserweight Championship
Finn Balor defeats Ilja Dragunov
So.... I'm out of breath. Are you? Let's look at the match results really quick.
RESULT: Imperium defeats Undisputed ERA
WALTER powerbombs Bobby Fish and GETS THE WIN!!!
Now, all seven men are in the middle ring and fighting away
WALTER with the frog splash on Roddy, but Adam hits him with the last shot. Pinfall still gets broken up!
WALTER, after getting SLAMMED THROUGH A TABLE, is back in this match
Another look at Wolfe's injury...
Adam Cole BAY BAY goes for the pin after the neckbreaker driver and still only gets 2
Strong Olympic Slams WALTER through the announce table.
WALTER is kicking butt and this crowd is behind him.

I think we're seeing a star being made.
UE is now teaming up on WALTER and getting ready to slam him through an announce table.
Strong tags into Fish - which is a weird sentence out of context
Eichner gets the blind tag but Strong gets on top of him and gets him in the Boston Crab.
O'Reilly tags in to Strong! We've got a chop fight between Roderick and WALTER!
WALTER hits O'Reilly with the Earthquake splash and.... McGuinness references John Tenta, too! Nigel is the best.
WALTER with a German Suplex on TWO people, then a jumping DDT on Kyle O'Reilly but Kyle kicks out
After watching the ERA dismantle his team, WALTER gets tagged in and is cleaning house. He's just destroying everyone.
Alexander Wolfe has been taken backstage and, unless this is an angle, it's now officially 4-on-3.

Let's hope Wolfe is going to be OK.
Medical team gets Wolfe out of the ring to check him out and, at the moment, it's now 4-on-3. 
Looks like Alexander Wolfe is hurt.... ref throws up the X.
The Houston crowd is chanting WALTER's name like he's a visiting right fielder at Wrigley Field.

Also, they're chanting "USA"
The Undisputed ERA make their entrance for this main event.
And we're about to head into our main event!
During the last match, as Johnny Gargano was being interviewed, Finn Balor attacked him.
Well... I was wrong about the Storm heel turn.

I should stop predicting things.
RESULT: NXT Champion Rhea Ripley defeats Toni Storm
Ripley hits the ropes but Storm NAILS her with a headbutt.

Storm goes for a Frog Splash, but misses, Ripley with a Riptide!
Ripley has Storm in the standing cloverleaf, but Toni still has her hands on the mat as Rhea doesn't have her pulled all the way up.

Storm gets free, but Rhea goes for the Riptide. Storm reverses it into a pin. 2-count.
Storm has Ripley on the mat and is now kicking her in the head and chest... you know.... very heel-like. Just saying.
I see they've already dropped the "women's" from "NXT women's championship". 

And good!
I'm calling that Ripley wins.... Storm goes nuts.... Storm heel turn.
Toni Storm makes her way to the ring and, for once, she's not wearing her impractical sunglasses.
Bianca Belair is shown in the audience.... as well as some dude in an XFL hat.
Nox and Kai will go one on one on NXT this Wednesday.... which I can only imagine will set up a bigger match for TakeOver Portland.

In the meantime, we're getting ready for Rhea Ripley (MAH GURL) vs Toni Storm.
We see Mercedes Martinez and Dakota Kai in the crowd and.... ACK! TEGAN NOX ATTACKS KAI! 
THAT was a hell of a match. Probably match of the night. And there's been some great matches so far.
DIY offering a post-match handshake to their opponents - even Tomasso.
DIY gets the win!

RESULT: DIY defeat Moustache Mountain
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