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Miracle required? Former trainer assesses KSI's odds against Tommy Fury

Viddal Riley believes in miracles ahead of KSI vs. Tommy Fury.

'The Nightmare' is currently slated to return to the ring opposite 'TNT' later this month in the U.K. The bout is expected to be the biggest challenge of the YouTuber-turned-boxer's career thus far. For his part, he's coming off a no-contest with Joe Fournier in May.


In a recent interview with T Bone BXC, KSI's former coach, Viddal Riley, previewed the contest. The trainer famously guided the Brit in his early fights, including a win over Logan Paul in 2019. However, he believes that his fight with Fury might be a step too far.

In the interview, Riley stated that his former trainee would likely need a miracle to defeat Tommy Fury. However, the undefeated boxer added that if someone could pull it off, it would be the YouTuber. He's got a lot of power, and as everyone knows, he only needs one.


Speaking in the interview, Riley stated:

"Tommy should win. He's supposed to win. JJ's doing a miracle by winning, and anyone who says anything different is lying. It's a miracle for JJ to win but miracles happen man. The one thing that I always say is JJ is hard, he's got actual swingers on him. And when you have that, you've got a chance. You always have a chance."

See his comments below (20:01):

KSI vs. Tommy Fury: Viddal Riley sends message to 'TNT'


If KSI vs. Tommy Fury goes the latter's way, Viddal Riley would want him next.

As many likely remember, 'TNT' is coming off a split-decision win over Jake Paul earlier this year. With that victory, he became a ranked cruiserweight boxer for the WBC, coming in at 39. That was one place above the aforementioned Riley.

While many know him for coaching KSI, Viddal Riley is an undefeated prospect in his own right. Following Fury's victory over 'The Problem Child', the Brit called to face him in a ranked cruiserweight clash.

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Instead, Tommy Fury decided to fight Riley's former trainee. In the interview, the English cruiserweight champion stated:

"I've said several things to him and he knows that October 14 he's the b*****d child. He's the child that no one really cared about in the Fury family and when I come through and knock him out repeatedly, it's over man. Like when I literally ruin your life bro, it's done. And I'll be the man to do it, and I can't wait. And I'll do it with a smile."
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