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'Unstoppable' Angela Lee [Credit: ONE Championship]

Angela Lee admits professional fighters need to balance performance with showmanship: “We have to be smart”

ONE women’s atomweight MMA world champion Angela Lee engaged with her superfans this week to answer some of their die-hard questions on Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’.

The 27-year-old standout is a powerful influencer in the lives of her fans, so she dedicated her time to give them some insight into the life of an athlete that goes beyond what is seen in the public eye.


On Thursday, one fan called Ok_Principle 2191 asked:

“Hi Angela, what do you think about the relationship between business, entertainment and the mma rankings that should be based on performance alone? Does that bother you that entertainment is slowly taking over merit? I wonder what is your view on this evolution!”

Angela Lee responded:

“I think each of those are a factor in what we do. We are fighters first and foremost, so the most important thing we do is inside the cage. However, what we do outside the cage can definitely help to elevate our career. Our career as a Professional Fighter is also limited. We can’t fight forever, so we have to be smart and make the most we can as well as thinking about what we will transition to after our fighting career is done.”

Over the last few weeks, Angela Lee has been working tirelessly to increase awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. Through her own platform, Lee has encouraged others to help her end the leading cause of death in our communities.

Since the passing of her younger sister, Victoria Lee, the fight to keep her memory alive has taken precedence over her career. Lee has commemorated Victoria’s memory by jump-starting her own nonprofit organization called ‘Fightstory’ to help save lives.

In addition, Angela will also make an appearance on September 29 at ONE Fight Night 14: Stamp vs. Ham at Singapore Indoor Stadium to make a special announcement.

Share your support for Angela Lee by donating at www.Fightstory.org.

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