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  • "Biggest trash talker wants to play victim" - Fans roast Ian Garry for being “cautious” with US visit after controversy surrounding his wife
Ian Garry wants to protect his family. [via Instagram @iangarry]

"Biggest trash talker wants to play victim" - Fans roast Ian Garry for being “cautious” with US visit after controversy surrounding his wife

UFC welterweight Ian Garry recently faced a lot of criticism online for his marriage with English presenter Layla Anna-Lee.

Ahead of his UFC 296 fight against Vicente Luque, Garry spoke about being "cautious" about coming to the United States:

“I’m a little bit cautious about going to America for the safety of my family. With all the s**t that been going on online. To protect my wife, to protect my child, to protect my self. I’m not remotely concerned or worried about fight.”
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Fans were not having any of it as they blasted Ian Garry for not being able to accept being on the receiving end of trash-talk:

"Biggest trash talker wants to play victim now lol"
"Wasn't worried when you were trash talking everyone in the roster, what a crybaby"

Fans also took digs at the Irishman:

"Hes gonna pull out just like his X account!!"
"Protect myself, my wife, my children, my wife’s ex husband who lives with us"

Check out the fans' comments in the screenshots below:

Fans react to Ian Garry's comments.

Leon Edwards details the reasons behind gym conflict with Ian Garry


UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards and Ian Garry were recently embroiled in a controversy after the latter was asked to leave the champion's gym, Team Renegade.

Garry alleged that the reason behind it was because Edwards' coaches perceived him as a potential threat and a title challenger. However, in a recent interview with Rio Ferdinand, Edwards cleared the air. 'Rocky' said:

“That wasn’t the reason [he’s in the division]. That’s the reason he said. That wasn’t the reason, the coach and the gym that we’re trying to build even though I’m a world champion, I still abide by the same rules as the amateur. Difference is with Ian, was like when he comes in, he brings cameras with him, brings his girlfriend with him. He’s late to the sessions, there’s a lot going on, you know. So the coaches and the team decided that like, we wish you luck in your journey but your culture doesn’t fit our culture."

Edwards also explained the effects of such behavior on other fighters in the gym, adding:

"And that’s the third gym now he’s been kicked out. Clearly a reason why. There’s a lot of people in the gym that are in my division. Once one starts slipping, then you feel okay. If he can do it, I can do it. He ain’t cleaning the mats, I ain’t cleaning the mats. Eventually it breaks the team down.”

Check out his comments below:

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