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  • Conor McGregor and Megan Fox: When the UFC star's allegedly inappropriate DMs lead to infamous red-carpet altercation with rapper MGK
Conor McGregor (Left); Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in attendance at UFC 261 in April 2021 (Right)

Conor McGregor and Megan Fox: When the UFC star's allegedly inappropriate DMs lead to infamous red-carpet altercation with rapper MGK

Conor McGregor is world-renowned not only for his MMA accolades but also for being unafraid of engaging in a fight regardless of who he's up against. The Irishman has often found himself in the eye of the storm owing to his penchant for getting into fights outside the realm of MMA competition.

One such incident involving McGregor transpired at the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, USA, on September 12, 2021. 'The Notorious' attended the event with his fiancee Dee Devlin. While walking the VMAs red carpet, the MMA icon got into an altercation with American rapper Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK (real name: Colson Baker).


Videos of the altercation showed Conor McGregor trying to punch MGK and throwing a drink at him. Thankfully, security personnel swiftly separated the UFC megastar and MGK.

It was later reported that the altercation purportedly took place after McGregor approached MGK for a photo and the latter denied him. Additionally, MGK's bodyguards supposedly shoved 'The Notorious.' However, McGregor's spokesperson Karen Kessler told ESPN MMA that he didn't ask anyone for a picture and didn't instigate the altercation with MGK.

Regarding the skirmish, McGregor spokesperson Karen Kessler sent this statement to @espn: "Conor McGregor did not ask anyone for a picture, nor did he instigate this incident. He does not know Machine Gun Kelly, outside of the fact that he attended Conor's fight this past July."

Furthermore, a report from Extra claimed that McGregor and MGK clashed because the Irishman had allegedly sent MGK's then-girlfriend (now-fiancee) Megan Fox inappropriate DMs prior to the VMAs. However, the content and authenticity of the supposed DMs remain unclear. Meanwhile, as seen in the video below, MGK and Megan Fox refused to speak about the altercation.

Machine Gun Kelly wouldn't talk about his scuffle with UFC Champ Conor McGregor before the #VMAs. bit.ly/3C0iEy0

Conor McGregor on his altercation with MGK, cordial relationship with Megan Fox

In the days ensuing the altercation, Conor McGregor was interviewed by Adam Glyn of Adam’s Apple outside his hotel in NYC. McGregor opened up about the incident and indicated that there was "no beef" between him and MGK.

He further highlighted his friendly camaraderie with Hollywood superstar and MMA fan Megan Fox. Calling for them to continue attending his UFC fights, McGregor stated:

“No beef. I don’t even know the guy. I don’t know him. Who is he? Telling me he’s been at the fights. Megan [Fox] has been at the fights years. I know Megan. I don’t know the guy. There’s no problem. Come to the fights. No problem, man.”

Watch McGregor's interview below:

Conor McGregor hasn't competed since suffering a gruesome leg injury in his lightweight showdown against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. Nevertheless, the UFC megastar is expected to return this year to fight rival TUF 31 coach Michael Chandler.

The McGregor-Chandler matchup is rumored to be a welterweight bout that could take place in September. The fight's date and weight stipulation haven't been officially announced yet.

The season runs from May to Aug.

Last I heard the hope was for them to fight in September.
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