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  • “Don’t make me cry again” - Stamp and Angela Lee share heartwarming moment backstage after ONE Fight Night 14
Stamp Fairtex and Angela Lee share a heart-warming moment backstage of OFN14 [Credit: ONE Championship]

“Don’t make me cry again” - Stamp and Angela Lee share heartwarming moment backstage after ONE Fight Night 14

Two of the greatest atomweights on the planet, Stamp Fairtex and Angela Lee, set their rivalry aside to share a heart-warming moment backstage at ONE Fight Night 14.

Last Friday was certainly an emotional night for both fighters. Former MMA queen Angela Lee announced the end of her seven-year reign in ONE Championship, officially vacating the 115-pound belt in honor of her younger sister, Victoria Lee, who tragically passed away in December 2022.


Originally, Stamp Fairtex and Ham Seo Hee were scheduled to fight for the interim belt. But following Lee’s announcement, they both fought for the one and only world title, which Stamp won by way of knockout in the third round.

Backstage, holding the new 26-pound belt in her hands, Stamp paid her respects to Angela Lee. The heartfelt moment was caught on video on Instagram and has gone viral ever since.

In the background, Stamp was heard recalling the last few moments leading up to her walkout by saying:

“Don’t make me cry again! Did you know, when I see our story - I don’t want to cry. I wanted to cry but I wanted to hold on because my fight [is next]. And my dad is crying and I’m crying. I’m sorry, so many emotions.”

Angela Lee, replied:

“And like, for me too, like walking down was very hard, you know? Missing Victoria, you know?”

Watch the entire interaction below:

Fans and MMA fighters alike fought back the tears after watching their wholesome exchange online. But it was Stamp’s parting embrace and last words of encouragement that really reduced some of them to tears.

“It’s okay, you have me” said Stamp. “You have me, and your daughter, and everyone loves you. You will be okay, someday.”

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