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Errol Spence car accident in October 2019 [Image credits: @errolspencejr on Instagram]

Errol Spence car accident: How many times has the boxing star been involved in road incidents?

Boxing star Errol Spence has been involved in three road accidents in recent years.

'The Truth' is a prominent name in boxing and has won multiple world championships during his undefeated career. Despite an impeccable 28-0 record inside the squared circle, the 33-year-old has made some mistakes while on the road.


'The Truth's first road accident was nearly fatal and took place in October 2019, two months after his victory over Shawn Porter.

In the early hours of the night, Spence was driving his Ferrari 488 Spider at a fast pace in the streets of Dallas, Texas. 'The Truth,' who was alone at the time, lost control of his vehicle and got ejected as the car flipped over multiple times. The 33-year-old was inebriated and was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident.

You can watch a clip of the accident below:

#BREAKING Exclusive video from a nearby security camera shows the crash that injured Championship Boxer Errol Spence Jr when he lost control of his Ferrari and it rolled multiple times ejecting him. Fortunately he survived and expected to be ok pic.twitter.com/2Z1xh9DDiA

After some years, Spence interviewed with Kate Abdo in April 2022. He revealed that he was involved in another car accident just three months after his nearly-fatal car crash in October 2019.


The 33-year-old said that he was in his G-Wagon when another car crashed into him from behind. Spence added that after the second accident, he was dropped by his insurance company:

"I actually got into another accident three months after my [2019 car crash]. Somebody hit me from behind. My insurance company kicked me out. They were like, 'He messed up a Ferrari, now a G-Wagon.' $600,000 - they paid me outright for both cars."

Check out Errol Spence's comments from the 2:55 mark below:


Spence's third road accident occurred in December 2022 when a teenager, who had taken his parents' car, crashed into him. Although the 33-year-old's car was damaged, both parties walked away from the accident without any injury.

Errol Spence on Instagram live just now after emerging unharmed from a car crash in which he was hit by a 14-year-old who took his parents’ car…

[📽️ @ErrolSpenceJr] pic.twitter.com/Q0HFI2Zq4q

Errol Spence Accident: 'The Truth' speaks about suffering from PTSD after his 2019 crash

The brutal car crash in October 2019 appears to have significantly impacted Errol Spence. In his interview last year with Kate Abdo, 'The Truth' shared that he did not remember much from the night of the incident and only started remembering things after a couple of weeks.


The 33-year-old added that the accident resulted in him suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Spence shared that, at times, he would have flashes of the accident while driving his car:

"I don't remember nothing, I don't remember leaving the hospital. I snapped out of it probably three or four weeks after I got out where I started remembering things. "When I was driving I'd have like flashes of a car running into me. Or I'd be at a red light and I'd just have flashes of cars hitting me. PTSD is definitely a real thing. I still have them sometimes when I'm driving," said Errol Spence. [from the 0:36 mark]
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