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Gamebred Promotions (left), Jorge Masvidal (right) [Images courtesy of @gamebredfc on Instagram]

Gamebred boxing: Does Jorge Masvidal's Gamebred Fighting Championship host professional boxing events?

Yes, despite the tagline for Jorge Masvidal's Gamebred Fighting Championship being "The Most Violent Show on Earth," the organization also hosts professional boxing matches during their events. The main reason for the tagline is due to the nature of GBFC's rules, with bare-knuckle contests taking place under MMA guidelines.

In May this year, GBFC hosted Action In Jackson, which saw four professional boxing bouts from a mixture of abilities. Former American football running back Frank Gore was the co-main event, fighting Yaya Olorunsola in a professional boxing bout. Gore won via knockout in the fourth and final round of the contest.


Masvidal is the CEO of the Gamebred Fighting Championship and the organization usually focuses on MMA. The most recent MMA event was Gamebred Fighting Championship 3: Lopez vs. Nicholson, back in December 2021.

Once again, all the bouts required fighters to compete without gloves, despite MMA rules being used for the fights. This means elements of the sport such as ground and pound are exceptionally brutal.

The organization is still very new, so it's yet to completely capture the attention of the average MMA fan. But with Jorge Masvidal leading the company, the popular UFC fighter could create a brand similar to Khabib Nurmagomedov's Eagle FC.


Has Jorge Masvidal competed in bare knuckle bouts?

Yes, Jorge Masvidal first became notable when bursting onto the scene in Kimbo Slice's backyard. The bouts were often street fights, but mostly took place behind closed doors in gardens on private property.

Most of the bouts were bare-knuckled and gained a notorious reputation in the combat sports scene. Kimbo Slice gained fame for the events, even entering the world of professional MMA later in his career.

On his YouTube channel, Masvidal spoke about the first bout he had under Kimbo Slice's organization. The UFC fighter stated that he had some MMA and boxing training, but ultimately just wanted to fight somebody:

"I just wanted to go out there and scrap at the end of the day."

Watch Masvidal speak about his first fight here:

It's rather poetic that Masvidal now hosts bare-knuckle events himself, with the organization likely hoping to find the next Masvidal within their ranks. The Gamebred Fighting Championship isn't "street fighting". Nonetheless, it does share similarities given the nature of the bare-knuckle bouts.

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