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  • “Has me crying” - Mike Perry’s 'White Mike Tyson' claim in heated back-and-forth with Darren Till sparks hilarious fan reactions
Mike Perry (left), Darren Till (middle) and Mike Tyson (right) [Images Courtesy: @platinummikeperry, @miketyson on Instagram and @darrentill2 on X]

“Has me crying” - Mike Perry’s 'White Mike Tyson' claim in heated back-and-forth with Darren Till sparks hilarious fan reactions

Mike Perry and Darren Till have had a mix of fierce enmity and friendship, and they're now attempting to revive their feud in the hopes of scheduling a fight.

'Platinum' is poised to act as the backup fighter for the upcoming Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul boxing match scheduled on October 14. Meanwhile, 'The Gorilla' is currently looking for new opportunities beyond MMA. The two former UFC welterweights recently engaged in a verbal spar regarding a potential future clash.


During their exchange, Darren Till asserted that he could easily defeat Perry due to his size and height advantage. In response, the BKFC star drew parallels to how the legendary boxer Mike Tyson dominated his opponents throughout his career. Perry playfully claimed that he had been reborn as "White Mike Tyson."

Check out the exchange below:

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Fans quickly responded to Mike Perry's remarks with an array of reactions.


One fan wrote:

"'Its been reborn ! I'm White now !' Bro I'm dead 🤣🤣"

Another wrote:

"Let's go White Tyson!"

Check out some more reactions below:

"Hahahahah it's been reborn! Got me dead. PLATINUM BOUT TO SEND TILL TO THE SHADOW REALM!!!"
"Lmao u are a national treasure bruh"
"It’s been reborn I’m white now has me crying"
"How’s the Nigerian nightmare white"
"Mike Perry is white now 🤣🤣. LEGEND"
"Can your new nickname please be ‘White Tyson’."
"As a short King I fully support your endeavor to beat the shit out of this big, tall, fat fu*k!"
Credits: @PlatinumPerry on X

Mike Perry reveals why he chose BKFC over the UFC

Mike Perry inked a new multi-fight contract with BKFC in August. The former UFC welterweight fighter made a significant impact after joining BKFC, securing a victory in his debut against Julian Lane in 2021. Subsequently, he engaged in a crossover bout against former Bellator star Michael 'Venom' Page, which took place in London.

The peak of Perry's BKFC career came in April 2023 when he defeated former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold in one of the promotion's biggest events.

During an interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani last month, 'Platinum' provided insights into his choice to renew his contract with BKFC rather than consider a return to the UFC octagon. He said:

"Because... the pay cut would have been too massive. So, it's like whatever, and it's like five-minute rounds and it's MMA and you know I like the boxing. I mean all I ever did in MMA, I mean I trained a lot of stuff and I would even get kind of good at grappling, wrestling, or whatever in certain positions and it's like I'm fighting in a fight to get a takedown."

Check out Perry's comments below:

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