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  • "He only made fun of s***ide victims" - Dillon Danis takes sarcasm-filled dig at Logan Paul describing his entire life in a tweet
Logan Paul (left) vs. Dillon Danis (right) [Image Courtesy: @LoganPaul via X/Twitter and @dillondanis via X/Twitter]

"He only made fun of s***ide victims" - Dillon Danis takes sarcasm-filled dig at Logan Paul describing his entire life in a tweet

Dillon Danis' highly anticipated boxing match with Logan Paul is a little less than two weeks away. From the moment the bout was announced, the former Bellator fighter took to social media and launched a lengthy trash-talking campaign against his opponent.

His controversial antics were punctuated by deeply personal attacks that mainly targeted Logan Paul's fiancé, Nina Agdal. Now, he has taken to X/Twitter again, and taken aim at Logan Paul himself. This time, he mockingly pleaded with his followers not to trash talk his opponent any further.

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In doing so, he brought up Paul's own controversial past by mentioning the infamous 2017 incident in the Aokigahara forest in Japan. Dillon Danis also brought up Logan Paul's history of promoting alleged scams, among other things, saying the following:

"Guys give Logan a break. He only made fun of s***ide victims for clicks and scammed his audience out of millions and pedals literal snake oil juice and got engaged to a super escort."

Ironically, Danis himself has been accused of promoting scams. Back in February, YouTuber Coffeezilla alleged that the former no-gi grappler had accepted money in exchange for promoting cryptocurrency and NFT scams. Unfortunately, Danis never addressed the allegations.

Recently, he accused Logan Paul of trying to personally select the judges and referee for their upcoming October 14 exhibition bout by refusing to change it into a professional boxing match. Tensions between both men are high, especially with Dillon Danis facing a lawsuit from Nina Agdal.


Who has Dillon Danis been training with ahead of his boxing match with Logan Paul?

While fans were under the initial belief that Dillon Danis would train with Conor McGregor, a widely celebrated striker in MMA, for his upcoming boxing match with Logan Paul, this wasn't the case. 'The Notorious' recently revealed that he hasn't trained Danis for the fight, but remains confident in his teammate's chances.

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Instead, the former no-gi grappler has been spotted training with former two-division Glory kickboxing champion and former UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira. Fans, however, have remained largely dismissive of the boxing skills he's displayed in his sparring footage.


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