ONE lightweight submission grappling world champion Kade Ruotolo [Credit: ONE Championship]

“It's not too bad right now” - Kade Ruotolo says he is injury-free after grueling fight with Matheus Gabriel

Kade Ruotolo is grateful he came out of his last match unscathed and injury-free after a grueling fight with Matheus Gabriel.

At ONE on Prime Video 5, BJJ wizard Kade Ruotolo successfully defended his world title for the first time against IBJJF world champion Matheus Gabriel. The California native was ecstatic to pick up his third straight win against another very accomplished practitioner after 10 minutes of action.


Having suffered a couple of injuries in the past, Kade is grateful that they didn’t bother him while he was fighting.

At the post-event presser, the teenage prodigy said:

“To be honest, I felt good during the match. My adrenaline kicked in. And that's something I got to think that the competition for a lot of the times you don't feel your injuries with the adrenaline and all that. I'm feeling it's not too bad right now. I feel like especially when I hit him with my shoulder, with my right side, but just cruising right here. I don't feel so bad. So I'm thankful for that. Definitely get some work done on it when I get back home and come in strong for the next one.”

Watch the presser below:


En route to the ADCC Worlds, Kade Rutotolo said he had suffered a neck injury during the qualifiers in 2021.

The injuries followed him to the championship finals this year, with Kade revealing “a pinched nerve and a rib injury” prior to his grappling match against Tye’s long-time rival Mica Galvao.

Despite the injuries, Kade hustled through the pain and defeated Galvao with a heel hook submission to win the ADCC gold medal.

With the holidays approaching, now would be the best time for Kade to get those injuries checked out before getting back into the Circle in 2023.


Kade Ruotolo and brother Tye want to continue giving fans entertaining grappling matches in ONE

Kade Ruotolo and his brother Tye, have stayed true to their word by giving fans the most entertaining grappling matches they’ve ever seen.

Working alongside ONE Championship, the lights, the production, and the Circle, all add to the X-factor the sport needs. Kade, for one, is excited to continue adding the entertainment value to his matches and change the way we watch submission grappling.

In the same interview, the Atos representative said:

“There’s so many different techniques and there’s so many variations, but like Tye said, it’s up to the athletes to make it exciting.”
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