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  • “Looks super intimate” - Dillon Danis’ attempt to choke out Andrew Schulz on FLAGRANT goes viral, fans react
Dillon Danis and Andrew Schulz [Left], Dillon Danis attempting to choke Andrew Schulz [Right] [Photo credit: @andrewschulz - X]

“Looks super intimate” - Dillon Danis’ attempt to choke out Andrew Schulz on FLAGRANT goes viral, fans react

Dillon Danis has been causing an uproar on social media through his personal attacks on Logan Paul but recently went viral for his appearance FLAGRANT.

Andrew Schulz posted a hilarious video to his X account, which promotes the release of the upcoming episode featuring the Bellator star. During the clip, the two were in a playful back-and-forth that saw the Jiu-Jitsu practitioner get him down and attempt to choke him out.


In the video, the comedian said:

"You're touching me with your mouth and kissing me! He's like a fu**ing rhinoceros this guy...I got him right where we want him! I can't breathe! I got his ba*s!"
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The Bellator star has been making the media rounds as of late as he promotes his upcoming boxing fight against Logan Paul. Fans weighed in with their reaction to what was transpiring in the video as well as their opinion on Dillon Danis appearing on the podcast, writing:

"This look super intimate" [@Collectxrnft - X]
"I’m ngl this will be fire" [@MMABettingOW - X]
"Can anyone interview Dillon without him fighting!? LOL" [@PhillyBeatzU - X]
"Bro's had more fights in interviews than his entire combat sports career" [@driftyfilm - X]
"This should be a good watch!" [@LordMemeAlots - X]
"The episode we didn't ask for but NEED!" [@rickstarr031 - X]
Tweets reacting to Andrew Schulz's post

It will be interesting to see what Dillon Danis shares on the podcast, as Andrew Schulz has done an excellent job in getting his guests to open up about different moments in their respective careers.

Dillon Danis claims he gets paid $15k for posting Instagram stories

Dillon Danis has been known to have a strong presence on social media, whether it be trolling other fighters, his opponents, or even his followers.

The Bellator star recently appeared on The MMA Hour, where he claimed that he charges a large sum to promote brands on his Instagram stories and social media accounts. He mentioned that he earns $15k and, in some cases, more to do so, saying:

"I don't understand why no one understands how I make money and why my Instagram is so popular. I get paid $15 thousand a story, like more than that for a story or a tweet."
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