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  • "Take the throne" - Fans beg Conor McGregor to run for office as the UFC star declares himself the President of Ireland
Conor McGregor [Image courtesy @TheNotoriousMMA on X]

"Take the throne" - Fans beg Conor McGregor to run for office as the UFC star declares himself the President of Ireland

Conor McGregor has been embroiled in yet another controversy after Irish authorities launched an investigation into the UFC star's social media post for allegedly inciting hate during the Dublin riots.

Earlier this month, 'The Notorious' accused the country's government of making him the scapegoat for their incompetency, which led to the anarchy that was birthed from the anti-immigrant protests that raged in the nation's capital in response to a stabbing incident involving children.


And now it seems McGregor has taken things into his own hands to allegedly clean up the nation. In a recent post on X, 'The Notorious' hinted at his plans to run for president. He wrote:

"Ireland, your President. ☘️❤️"
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Suffice it to say, his fans are all for it, and many flooded X pledging their support to the superstar.

Check out a few fan reactions below:


@ChrisWinig wrote:

"Take the throne."

@LangmanVince asked McGregor to:

"MIGA! Make Ireland Great Again."

@FinalCutTile wrote:

"Take your country back from the globalist elites. 🫡"

@wealth_turtle had this to say:

"McGregor is right. [The] Irish government is wrong."

@Fityeth had this to say:

"Step into the greenhouse, Mr. President. 🌿🏛️"

@DaveyJo14 said:

"Let's go, Conor! Fight for the Irish!"

@esilacSynohtnA wrote:

"You have our support from Australia. ✊"

@Mrs_Right_Again opined:

"Do it! Life has a way of putting the right people on the right path. 💥"

@raymo_d said:

"Conor can save the country."

@hotsoupmfer supported McGregor:

"I stand with Conor!"
Screenshot courtesy @TheNotoriousMMA on X

An ecstatic Mike Perry calls out Conor McGregor

Earlier this past weekend, Mike Perry furthered his unbeaten run in the BKFC to 4-0 with a second-round TKO over Eddie Alvarez at BKFC 56. Now, the 32-year-old has shifted his sights to MMA's biggest superstar - Conor McGregor.

During his post-fight interview in Salt Lake City, Utah, 'Platinum' made a bold callout to 'The Notorious' inviting him for a bare-knuckle showdown:

"Man, there's some fights out there that we want to make, there's some fights out there the world doesn't know if we can make. Conor McGregor would be a great match-up. I just beat somebody he fought for a world title. Who is bigger than that... There is no one bigger than Conor McGregor except me."
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'Platinum' is now being lauded by many as arguably one of the best bare-knuckle boxers of all time; in contrast, Conor McGregor has never fought bare-knuckle boxing professionally.

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