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  • “That is what fatigues you” - Daniel Cormier explains how Jon Jones’ reach and clinch-work made him a nightmare to deal with
Daniel Cormier (Left) and Jon Jones (Right)(Images via YouTube @JoeRogan and Instagram @JonnyBones)

“That is what fatigues you” - Daniel Cormier explains how Jon Jones’ reach and clinch-work made him a nightmare to deal with

Daniel Cormier used his experience to break down several elements that make Jon Jones nearly impossible to defeat.

Earlier today, Joe Rogan released the newest episode of his podcast called the “JRE MMA Show.” The 150th edition of his combat sports show featured former two-division UFC champion and current UFC commentator Daniel Cormier as a guest.


During their extended conversation, Rogan and Cormier discussed the latter’s historic rivalry with Jon Jones. ‘DC’ went into detail about what makes Jones special as a fighter and had this to say about his clinch work being a significant factor:

“When you get in the clinch with this dude [Jones], he’s so tall that it’s almost like you’re holding him up if you’re the shorter fighter. He’s like draping over the top of you and that is what fatigues you. When I’m clinching, you know I fought there a ton in the clinch, punch, punch, punch, I’m trying to break your posture. He doesn’t do that.”

Cormier continued:

“He pushes you against the Octagon and then he leans. So, now you’re carrying 220 with your weight up against the Octagon then he’s changing levels, and he’s spinning trying to elbow you. The dude just understands fighting and understand how to manuever his body to fatigue you.”

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones fought twice throughout their legendary careers, with Jones emerging victorious both times. Only one loss from the rivalry appears on Cormier’s record, as ‘Bones’ failed a drug test following their rematch, leading to the result being overturned to a no-contest.


Daniel Cormier details why it’s difficult to control distance against Jon Jones

Another factor in Jon Jones’ success is his phenomenal ability to control the distance. Yet, it’s difficult for most people to understand why Jones’ opponents can’t get to him without actually having fought him, leading to Daniel Cormier explaining why during his appearance on the JRE MMA Show:

“It hurts so bad trying to get close to him. It hurts so bad. Joe, it hurts so bad. The kicks to the body and the knees…With him, he was a southpaw, so his lead leg was right there. So, I wanted to grab a single leg, but this dude would be stepping back kneeing me, kneeing me, kneeing me.”

Cormier continued:

“Ok, so I need to stop going forward. Now I’m at range and he blasts body kick and then body kick. So, now you’re like sh*t, I’m not going to stay on the end of these body kicks because they hurt, so then you get close, and he knees you.”

Jon Jones was scheduled to defend his UFC heavyweight title for the first time against Stipe Miocic in November. Unfortunately, ‘Bones’ suffered a torn pectoral muscle, postponing the legacy fight until he returns in mid-2024.

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