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  • "That’s just the Botox" - Fans react to an old clip of Arianny Celeste looking seemingly unimpressed during a Sean Strickland weigh-in
UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste at UFC 276 ceremonial weigh ins [Image Courtesy: @jedigoodman on Instagram]

"That’s just the Botox" - Fans react to an old clip of Arianny Celeste looking seemingly unimpressed during a Sean Strickland weigh-in

Arianny Celeste has been an integral part of the UFC since 2006, captivating fans with her presence and contributing to many memorable moments.


However, a recent video shared by combat sports journalist Jed I. Goodman on Twitter has sparked a division among fans. The footage captures a moment during the UFC 276 ceremonial weigh-ins, where Celeste appeared to be less than impressed during Sean Strickland's weigh-in.

Check out the video below:

It's Weigh-In Day.
Don't think Arianny is a fan.

While the role of ring girls is to add glamour and allure to the sport, this particular incident has caught the attention of viewers, igniting discussions and differing opinions.

"I'd rather listen Arianny's pop single than hear Strickland talk again," one fan wrote. Another fan remarked, "Who cares how she feels? She needs to smile and do her job". While another poked fun at Arianny Celeste's appearance, "That’s just the Botox". Another fan shared the feelings and wrote, "That’s just the Botox and plastic surgery making her face emotionless."


One fan stated, "I think her face is just stuck that way". Another fan pointed out that none of the ring girls were intrigued, "They all look annoyed lol". Meanwhile, one fan wrote, "Not like she does any real work anyways".

Check some more reactions below:

Credits: Comments from @jedigoodman on Twitter


Ring girl Arianny Celeste was terrified by Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor's violent brawl

Arianny Celeste weighed in on the infamous post-fight brawl between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

When Nurmagomedov leaped over the cage to confront McGregor's team, it triggered a chaotic scene of pandemonium and mayhem.

During an episode of the UNLEASHED podcast earlier this year, Celeste vividly recounted the intense moments following the altercation, where she and her fellow UFC ring girls found themselves caught in the midst of the escalating chaos:

"It was crazy, I just looked at the girls and I was like go, we need to go now. Brooklyn stayed packed she’s like what’s going on um but yeah, we just started running for the dressing room. There’s also like security right behind us that was like pushing us to go, so we were fine.”

Check out Celeste's comments below (from 41:58):

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