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UFC Hall of Fame inductee Donald Cerrone

UFC Hall of Famer Donald Cerrone spills on post-retirement life, going to Hollywood and more

Donald Cerrone's mixed martial arts career has landed him in the UFC Hall of Fame after he walked away from the sport following UFC 276 last July. The former lightweight title challenger recently discussed how he is enjoying his retirement.

Speaking to the media following UFC on ESPN 43, 'Cowboy' stated:

"I got my hair done so the hair's growing in. Got on steroids so I couldn't come back even if I wanted to right now. I feel good. I'm healthy, happy, and just enjoying a lot of time with the kids and growing up with my family, and chasing Hollywood, which is a lot like starting from the very beginning and wanting to be a UFC fighter is how I feel. I just re-entered that realm again."

Donald Cerrone was asked if he was missing mixed martial arts and he responded:

"No, I don't. I miss the camaraderie. I miss all you guys back here. I miss this. I miss the training with the groups and the getting ready, but being in there and fighting, I don't. It was time to bow out and like I said I'm going to Hollywood and that's my next plan. That's my next mission so I enjoy moving forward with all that and I'm loving the adventure I'm on now."

Check out Donald Cerrone's full comments below:

"I got my hair done ... got on steroids": Newly minted UFC Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Cerrone is enjoying retired life with no plans to come back. 🤠

Full interview: bit.ly/3ZlAeb4

Cerrone admitted that there are days when he wonders if he has one more fight in him. He said that he has even contemplated returning for two fights to reach 50 total fights between his stints in the UFC and World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), which merged with the UFC in 2010. 'Cowboy' retired with a professional mixed martial arts record of 36-17 (2 NC).

Donald Cerrone inducted to UFC Hall of Fame: What did Dana White say about 'Cowboy'?

Donald Cerrone's induction to the UFC Hall of Fame came as a bit of a surprise as 'Cowboy' retired less than a year ago. UFC President Dana White shared his thoughts on the honors, stating:

"We love 'Cowboy'. When you look at what he meant to the WEC and then he came over here and what he's meant to the UFC, and what he's meant to the sport as a whole, and he's a great human being too, so it's a win-win-win for everybody."

Check out Dana White's comments on Donald Cerrone below (starting at the 3:25 mark):

Cerrone compiled a record of 29-17 (2 NC) across a 15-year run with the WEC and UFC, including a 0-4 record in title fights. He was 23-14 (1 NC) in the UFC following the 2010 merger between the two companies.

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