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Paddy Pimblett becomes fat in between fights [Image courtesy: Paddy the Baddy on YouTube, @theufcbaddy on Instagram]

Was Paddy Pimblett fat? Here's the UFC star's history of bloating up between fights

Paddy Pimblett has gained notoriety for his severe weight fluctuations in between fights which are deemed dangerous. While he currently competes at lightweight and was once the Cage Warriors featherweight champion, 'The Baddy' has been known to regularly balloon up to middleweight if not more.

Paddy Pimblett goes on absolute sprees of binge eating after his UFC fights, even unabashedly flaunting his tummy at times. This has been a cause of concern for his fans and well-wishers, with several fellow fighters advising the Liverpudlian against such severe weight gains.


However, Pimblett claims he enjoys being fat. The UFC star said in an earlier episode of his Chattin Pony podcast:

"Everyone keeps commenting s*** like Paddy the fatty and I'm like yeah, I enjoy being fat. I do, I'd rather be fat and happy than ripped and miserable 24/7... but, lad, like I'm saying these people that are in shape just 24/7 all year around. Like lad go and enjoy your life, you don't enjoy that. Stop going on like you enjoy living that lifestyle because you're dying for a cookie though."

While he is currently nursing an ankle injury, Pimblett certainly looks substantially heavier than a lightweight in his latest Instagram post.


How does Paddy Pimblett go from fat to fit?

Paddy Pimblett once revealed that his highest walk-around weight was 205 lbs, which is the UFC light-heavyweight limit. However, as we saw ahead of his UFC 282 clash against Jordan Leavitt, 'The Baddy' almost miraculously managed to shed around 50 lbs within a month.

However, the safety of these severe weight cuts has always been questioned. Back in his Cage Warrior days, Pimblett even vomited inside the cage during post-fight celebrations after cutting 26 lbs in 5 days. Pimblett has since hired a nutritionist and claims to do it "very healthily." The Liverpudlian said in an interview with BBC:

"Now I do it very healthily, like a professional. I have a nutritionist who is responsible for my body changing over the last couple of years. I used to be a fighter but now I'm an athlete as well, so that's all down to him, and my food prep team, my pro chef. Without them my life would be so much harder. It's 27g of protein, 31g of carbs, half a gram of fat and 309 calories."
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