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When Cris Cyborg demanded a huge NBA-like rule change in UFC amid Conor-Khabib beef 

Cris Cyborg once demanded a huge NBA-like rule change in the UFC amid the beef between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

McGregor and Nurmagomedov had arguably one of the biggest rivalries in the history of the UFC. The two entered the octagon in 2018 when 'The Eagle' emerged victorious and won the fight via a fourth-round submission.


However, this didn't bring an end to their rivalry. Months after their UFC bout, the two were taking shots at each other on Twitter when Cris Cyborg decided to step in. The former UFC champion took to Twitter and urged the UFC to have a code of conduct like that of the NBA. She said:

"Sometimes I wish athletes in the @ufc were held to a code of conduct similar to athletes in the @nfl @nba @mlb For The things they say online. Now that the sports is on @ESPN we are in the homes of more kids! We need to unite not divide...this is what sports are for!"

Take a look at Cris Cyborg's tweet below:

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Cris Cyborg clapped back at Sean O'Malley for suggesting a separate women's MMA promotion

Earlier this year, UFC bantamweight champion Sean O'Malley made a rather controversial proposition. During an episode of the Timbo Sugar Show podcast, O'Malley spoke about having a separate women's MMA promotion.

Sean O'Malley also questioned if an all-women's promotion would be able to sell out shows and said:

“What if there was a ‘WUFC?’ What if they had their own program? Would it last? Would they be able to sell pay-per-views, would it sell out arenas? It’s still the UFC, it’s still Dana, it’s still the UFC pushing these fights and promoting them… Would it last? We’re not saying they’re not good. We’re talking from a pure entertainment point of view."

Catch Sean O'Malley's comments in the video below (00:11):


The comments certainly did not sit well with Cris Cyborg, who clapped back at Sean O'Malley on Twitter. While recalling how O'Malley used to fight on her undercards in the UFC, Cyborg said:

"I remember the Suga Show fighting on my undercards… UFC was trying to introduce him to the market. I can’t remember but I think he lost that night."
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