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  • DeMarvion Overshown 2023 NFL Draft profile: Scout report for the Texas LB
Texas linebacker DeMarvion Overshown

DeMarvion Overshown 2023 NFL Draft profile: Scout report for the Texas LB

DeMarvion Overshown: 6’4”, 220 pounds.

Around the top-50 overall recruits in 2018, DeMarvion Overshown only appeared in one game as a freshman. But in 15 games of the 2019 and ’20 season combined as a starter, he totalled 78 tackles, 15 of those for loss, ten passes broken up, three sacks, interceptions and fumbles forced each.


He had an even better year in ’21 however, when his stats were right in line with that, but he made several big plays to earn himself honorable mention All-Big 12 accolades. Last year, that improved to first-team, as he put up career-highs in three categories (96 total tackles, 10 TFLs, four sacks) and broke up five passes (no INTs).

DeMarvion Overshown scout report: Strengths

Texas linebacker DeMarvion Overshown celebrates on the field

+ While he may give up plenty of weight to offensive linemen and even plenty of tight-ends, Overshown does not shy away from playing downhill.

+ You see him on some outside-oriented run schemes, where he crashes the outside shoulder and forces the ball-carrier to cut inside.


+ More patient on the front-side, staying behind combos and not giving the back easy answers.

+ In tight spaces, Overshown’s lack of bulk may show up at times. But when he can build up some momentum chasing the ball, he can make opposing players fly through the air.

+ One of his best assets is the sudden explosiveness to flow with a play, then redirect and pursue as a running back cuts back or the offense has a reverse drawn up. He also steps around guys and meets the ball-carrier in the hole.

+ Watching him open up and shut down swing screens to the back and you think he’s shot out of a cannon.

+ You see him make a lot of plays on off-tackle runs from the backside, bubbling over the top of potential blockers, flattening down the line and running down guys.


+ And his range to pursue from outside the screen and pop guys when he does arrive there is pretty crazy.

+ Such an easy mover in space, with loose hips and light feet to cover ground.

+ He rapidly gains depth on vertical drops and then can shut down flat or shallow cross routes in front of him for minimal yardage.

+ Sorts well through mesh concepts and has the speed to run with the shallow crosser once he ends up matched up with them.

+ His length forces quarterbacks to put extra arc on the ball when trying to throw over his head and with that wing-span, it gives him a little extra room to get a hand on balls around him.


+ Not somebody quarterbacks are looking to target when manned up with the back, comfortably sticking with them for the most part.

+ In the screen game, you see him routinely beat linemen to the spot, where he makes them look slow as hell. Even if they do initiate contact, he’ll use his length and motor to fight off those blocks.

+ When blitzing up the middle, Overshown arrives at the quarterback in a hurry and if the O-line has to figure out how to pick up games up front, they might not even be able to get a hand on him.

+ Can also create issues looping around the edge, which he runs with pretty good bend. Off that, Texas had him creep and bail out routinely on passing downs, because they trust his speed to get back into his area.

+ With his explosion off the ball and length, he can legitimately rush off the corner, and he can be weaponized by knifing inside off T-E twists. All he needs is a quick swipe-down with the near-arm as he works across the face of guards.

+ His closing burst when racing down as quarterbacks roll outside or comes on a delayed blitz as the back stays in protection is eye-opening.

+ Spent well over 100 snaps in the slot and the edge respectively last season.

DeMarvion Overshown scout report: Weaknesses

Hunter Dekkers #12 of the Iowa State Cyclones is tackled by DeMarvion Overshown #0 and Anthony Cook #11 of the Texas Longhorns

– DeMarvion Overshown simply doesn’t have the mass to take on blockers in his face as a box-defender and gets covered up by bigger bodies pretty well. Too easily his momentum is stymied as he runs into guys who outweigh him, such as tight-ends sealing him off, who can put their frame in the way.

– Has to throw himself into linemen when trying to take on blocks head-on and momentarily lose sight of the ball.

– A 30.4 PFF grade against the run in 2021 is why he returned for his redshirt senior season, and he may need to be projected by scheme to some degree.

– Hasn’t been asked to play a lot of man-coverage, I would like to see him redirect quicker to misdirection in the play-action game, to pick up crossers behind him.

– While he has improved in that regard, Overshown’s 15.8% missed tackle rate over the last two years is still not up to par, too often diving at the ankles of ball-carriers.

DeMarvion Overshown scout report: Grade

Tony Mathis Jr. #24 of the West Virginia Mountaineers is tackled by Jaylan Ford #41 and DeMarvion Overshown #0 of the Texas Longhorns

This has been one of the more fun players to watch on the second level for the last few years. With DeMarvion Overshown’s speed and how ferocious his play-style is, you see him show up all over the field.


At the same time, he’s not a reckless player and has already taken major strides in terms of processing the game. He does feature a very slender build and there will be some limitations, but he does have great length, which he can make more of a weapon with NFL coaching.

You want to see DeMarvion Overshown on the ground less. But his speed and lack of fear should make him a special teams standout early on and flash in defensive packages until his new team is comfortable with the way he continues to add strength.

Grade: Third round

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