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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning

3 Times NFL teammates fought during a game

When NFL players are locked up in an intense game with another team, it can often make players emotional. This can cause tempers to flare and can, sometimes, result in fights on the sidelines between teammates, though it's usually in the spirit of extreme competitiveness. Here are three pairs of NFL teammates who got into heated arguments during a game in progress.

NFL teammates who got into fights on the sideline during a game


#1 - Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday, Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning prepares to take a snap from Jeff Saturday

Quarterback Peyton Manning and center Jeff Saturday had a long and successful relationship together with the Indianapolis Colts, including winning a Super Bowl ring together. They worked closely as a tandem and were often on the same page with audibles and playcalling.


Though they have a close friendship, they once got into a heated argument on the sidelines of a game against the Los Angeles Rams while Manning was mic'd up. Saturday disagreed with Manning throwing three straight passes rather than calling a running play. After Saturday stated his opinion, Manning fired back. They reportedly resolved the issue quickly and laughed about it later.


#2 - Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen, Washington Commanders

Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne combine for a sack

Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne have been teammates along the defensive line since their days in college football with the Alabama Crimson Tide. They continued their partnership in the NFL when they were both selected by the Washington Commanders in different years of the NFL Draft.

FIGHT! Frustrated #washingtonfootball teammates Jon Allen & Daron Payne … punches thrown as they trail #Cowboys big-time.

Allen and Payne have developed great chemistry over the years, but they got into an intense fight during a blow-out loss to the Dallas Cowboys. They were both frustrated with the result of the game and ended up taking it out on each other on the sidelines in a scuffle that included punches being thrown.

Brothers fight but it’s still all love between Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen

#3 - Jay Cutler and J'Marcus Webb, Chicago Bears

J'Marcus Webb blocks for Jay Cutler

In a crushing loss against the Green Bay Packers in a game during the 2012 NFL season, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had a rough night. He was sacked seven times and was under pressure from the Packers defense all game.


Cutler took his frustrations out on his offensive linemen on the sidelines, including screaiming and cursing at them while asking for better blocking and pass protection. He also shoved one of his offensive tackles, J'Marcus Webb, during the heated exchange.

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