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4 Stadiums that have Hosted the most Super Bowls 

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in American football and is held annually to determine the NFL champion. Over the years, several stadiums have played host to the biggest game in American sports, and some have been more successful than others.

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The selection of a stadium to host the Super Bowl is a competitive process that involves bidding by NFL teams and cities. The NFL evaluates bids based on various factors such as stadium capacity, amenities, infrastructure and the ability to host large-scale events.

Once the NFL selects a stadium, the host city and team will work together to plan and organize the event, including securing hotel rooms, transportation and security for the thousands of fans, players and media members who will attend the Super Bowl.

In this article, we take a look at seven stadiums that have hosted the most Super Bowls.

#1, Caesars Superdome, 7

Caesar Superdome, New Orleans.

The Caesars Superdome is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the stadium with the most Super Bowls under its belt. It has hosted seven Super Bowls in total, which includes Super Bowls XII (1978), XV (1981), XX (1986), XXIV (1990), XXXI (1997), XXXVI (2002) and XLVII (2013). The stadium has also been selected to host the Super Bowl LIX in 2025. The stadium has a seating capacity of over 73,000 and is the home of the New Orleans Saints.

The first three Super Bowls in New Orleans were staged at Tulane Stadium, which no longer exists: Super Bowls IV (1970), VI (1992) and IX (1975).

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#2, Hard Rock Stadium, 6

Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens

The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, has hosted six Super Bowls. The stadium was opened in 1987 with a construction cost of $115 million. It hosted the Super Bowl XXIII (1989), XXIX (1995), XXXIII (1999), XLI (2007), XLIV (2010) and LIV (2020). With a seating capacity of over 65,000, the stadium is the home of the Miami Dolphins.

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#3, Miami Orange Bowl, 5

Miami Orange Bowl, Miami

The Miami Orange Bow was the former home of the Miami Dolphins. The stadium opened in 1936 and had a varying seating capacity over the course of time. While it was still standing, the stadium hosted five Super Bowls: II (1968), III (1969), V (1971), X (1976) and XIII (1979). The stadium was demolished in 2008, but its legacy lives on as one of the most iconic venues in Super Bowl history.


#4, Rose Bowl, 5

Rose Bowl, Pasedena

The Rose Bowl, located in Pasadena, California, has been a popular venue for the Super Bowl. It is the 10th largest stadium in the United States and the 16th largest in the world. The stadium has hosted five editions of the game: Super Bowls XI (1976), XIV (1979), XVII (1982), XXI (1986) and XXVII (1992). The stadium has a seating capacity of over 92,000.

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