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Quarterback Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens

5 lowest spenders in NFL free agency so far ft. Lamar Jackson's Ravens

NFL free agency in 2023 is still very much open. In actuality, it has just begun. Up until the early stages of next season, all 32 teams will make roster adjustments, and the draft is still a few weeks away in April.

However, it's safe to assume that the peak of senior participation has passed. The deals have or will soon be completed. Each team now differs slightly from how it seemed a few weeks back.


Let's now look at the NFL teams that have engaged in little to no free agency activity thus far.

#5 Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have spent very little money on free agents thus far. Ken Ingalls, who researches and monitors the Packers' financial affairs, says that the organization has incurred $7.53 million from the salary cap to pay for its seven acquisitions.

Keisean Nixon ($2.02 million) and Yosh Nijman ($3.55 million) were the Packers' two biggest offseason acquisitions. The five other players who were signed cost considerably less than $1 million apiece.

Spending $7.53 million as of Mar. 25 is a rather striking figure, especially when you consider that money is distributed to seven different athletes. Last week, many organizations were paying twice as much on a single player.


#4 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't done much so far in terms of NFL free agency. They seemingly delayed until the initial surge of pricey players had been signed.

The Jaguars then embarked on a shopping spree, acquiring defensive lineman Henry Mondeaux, running back D'Ernest Johnson and defensive lineman Michael Dogbe on cheap deals.

#3 Arizona Cardinals

In terms of free agency, the Arizona Cardinals haven't exactly made headlines. They don't have a monetary crunch. The Cardinals hold the fourth-most cap space in the NFL, per OverTheCap, even after re-signing many players and adding three new ones.


#2 Los Angeles Rams

Les Snead, general manager of the Los Angeles Rams, has a history of making headline-grabbing decisions, but this offseason, he has been made to back down due to salary ceiling restrictions.

A number of important players from the Rams' Super Bowl-winning squad have left, most notably outside linebacker Leonard Floyd, who was released, and cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who was traded.

Coleman Shelton, who the Rams granted a two-year, $4.75 million contract to keep in Los Angeles, is the only substantial acquisition the team has made to date. Alternatively, it has only been about exits.

The Rams' $4.75 million investment stands 31st in the league, according to Over The Cap.


#1 Baltimore Ravens

Regardless of the fact that they haven't yet acquired any players who were not part of the team, the Baltimore Ravens have endured one of the most bizarre offseasons in the league.

The last two weeks have been difficult for everyone at the team, as they have been working on coming up with an answer to their predicament with quarterback Lamar Jackson.

After an agreement with wideout Nelson Agholor, the Baltimore Ravens' first important NFL free agent addition on Friday (Mar. 24) fills their largest wants.

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