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5 NFL records that will never be broken

The NFL has a lot of records that have been set and have been broken over the years. NFL records are made to be broken but there are five that may never be broken.

Some of the NFL records are unbelievable and the ones that are unbelievable are the ones on this list of 5 NFL records that may never be broken.


Let's take a look at the 5 NFL records will never be broken.

5. Consecutive games of throwing a pick-six (4)


In the 2013 NFL Season, Matt Schaub would throw a pick-six in four consecutive games while playing quarterback for the Houston Texans. In that four-game stretch, Matt Schaub would throw eight interceptions total.


This record has a possibility of being broken one day, but its unlikely. Majority of the NFL coaches would pull their starting quarterback after the second week of throwing a pick-six. Its unlikely to see a quarterback go five straight weeks throwing a pick-six in each of those games.

4. Touchdown passes in one quarter (5)

In the 2009 NFL Season, Tom Brady would throw five touchdown passes in one quarter against the Tennessee Titans. Brady would throw two touchdown passes to Randy Moss. He would also throw one touchdown pass to running back Kevin Faulk. His final two touchdowns would be to wide receiver Wes Welker.


The five touchdown passes would help the New England Patriots beat the Tennessee Titans 59-0. Five touchdown passes in a single quarter is a record that may never be broken. If there is one quarterback that could come close to the five touchdown in a quarter record it would be Patrick Mahomes.


3. Consecutive extra points made (479)

Stephen Gostkowski went on a streak throughout the years of 2006-2016. During his time with the New England Patriots, Gostkowski would miss an extra point in his rookie season. After missing that extra point he would go on a streak of 142 games without missing an extra point.


In those 142 games, Stephen Gostkowski would make 479 consecutive extra points. This NFL record will most likely not be broken because the extra points have been moved back. Gostkowski was a big piece to the New England Patriots success.

2. Ties in one NFL season (6)

The 1932 Chicago Bears would enter their 1932 NFL Season without scoring a single point. Bears fans were attending games and would not see a point on the scoreboard until Week 4 of the 1932 NFL Season. Back in 1932 the NFL did not have overtime, so once the fourth quarter was over that was it.


The first three games of the Bears 1932 NFL Season would end in 0-0 ties. Chicago would record three more ties throughout the 1932 NFL Season, which is unbelievable but true. This record has a very good chance of not ever being broken. Especially beings there is an overtime in the NFL.

1. Consecutive Super Bowl losses (4)

The Buffalo Bills have the most unbreakable record in NFL History. Buffalo made it to four consecutive Super Bowls during the years of 1990-1993. All four of those NFL Seasons, the Buffalo Bills would fall short of winning the biggest game of the year in the NFL.

Buffalo would get worse in their appearances in the Super Bowl. In Super Bowl XXV the Buffalo Bills would lose to the New York Giants 20-19. This would be the closest they would come to winning a Super Bowl game. Super Bowl XXVI they would lose to the Washington Redskins 37-24. In Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII, the Buffalo Bills would lose to the Dallas Cowboys twice 52-17 and 30-13.

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