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Aaron Rodgers is trying to make a late return in the 2023 season

Aaron Rodgers injury: Jets superstar drops rehab update every fan wanted to hear

Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles four snaps into the 2023 season, and for a regular player, the recovery period would be so extensive that they would be out for the entire year. But the New York Jets quarterback is confident that he could still return in the 2023 season and beat the estimated rehab time.

During his appearance at the Pat McAfee show on ESPN, Rodgers stated that he's still trying to speed up the recovery process in order to return as soon as possible, fulfilling the dreams of the New York Jets fans who waited so long for a good quarterback:

"I had this game on my schedule, I couldn't fly until I got cleared again last week with no blood clots. And so this Sunday night game was always on the agenda, and that was the goal. So definitely met that one. Now, the next goal is to be able to walk without crutches.
"You know, it's pretty obvious I'm well ahead of the normal protocols when it comes to rehab for this kind of thing, but that was always what my mindset was. Trying not to stretch the Achilles, but stretching the Achilles in a way that allows me to start doing movement quicker, and to just speed up whatever timeline that has been the standard for this type of injury."

Could Aaron Rodgers be back this season?


In a normal recovery process, the answer would be a resounding 'no', with Aaron Rodgers only available for return when the OTAs started in May.

However, the quarterback has vowed to return late this season. He was spotted throwing the football during the Jets' Week 4 game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and walking on crutches in the sideline before the start of the game.


It's extremely unlikely that Aaron Rodgers will be able to return this season, and there's absolutely no point for the Jets to force things if the team is out of the playoff picture when December arrives. However, he's been pushing so hard and has been so confident about his rehab that you can't help but feel curious to see if his return will be possible.

You know that this would be music in the ears of the New York Jets fans.

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