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Aaron Rodgers looking on after what may be his last game as a Packer

Aaron Rodgers to Jets? 3 reasons why the ex-MVP should move to New York

Aaron Rodgers has been a part of the Green Bay Packers since 2005, the only professional team he has represented since his draft the same year. He began his newly extended three-year contract with the Packers last year.

The season that transpired, however, was mired in disappointment as the Packers went 8-9 and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2018. Since then, there have been multiple signs of Rodgers leaving the Packers for the New York Jets.


If ever Rodgers gets his wish to leave Lambeau Field for the Big Apple, then the NFL will only immensely benefit from such a move. Here are three reasons why:

#3 The Jets get an upgrade at quarterback

Ever since the legendary Joe Namath, the Jets have never had a franchise quarterback, and that has been a key reason behind their inconsistency. But the 2010s and 2020s in particular have been nothing short of disastrous.

Mark Sanchez was thought to be the guy when he made the AFC Championship Game in his first two seasons, but then lost his form in spectacular fashion. His successors have been at best mediocre, while some have also been poor (ranging from Geno Smith to Zach Wilson).

The result? A dozen seasons out of the playoffs and counting. Rodgers, with his championship and MVP pedigree, can turn the tide even as he approaches 40 years of age - just look at Tom Brady.


#2 Aaron Rodgers gets a fresh chance to dispel the aging rumors - and with some familiar faces

Speaking of the 2022 season, a major reason for the Packers’ playoff absence is the unusually high number of interceptions Rodgers threw - 12 to be exact, the most since 2008, incidentally his first full season as a starter. Three of them came when visiting the Detroit Lions in Week 9. Naturally, people have been thinking that this is a sign that he has lost his touch.

But again, Brady proved that he could still win at 40 and beyond. One major reason why he continued his winning ways when he left New England for Tampa Bay was that he got to bring tight end Rob Gronkowski with him. They were already effective as Patriots, and it continued when they became Buccaneers.

In a similar vein, if Rodgers joins the Jets, he will reunite with wide receiver Allen Lazard. Lazard had a career-high 60 catches for 788 yards last season, and if these two (plus offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett) rediscover their chemistry and run with it, then the AFC East could produce a new title contender.

The Jets are signing WR Allen Lazard to a 4-year, $44M deal, per @Schultz_Report

#1 It allows the Packers to avoid another major quarterback controversy

Remember when Rodgers began a controversy by performing so well that the Packers were torn between him and Favre? With him gone, the team now has a chance to start anew with either backup Jordan Love or another young stud like CJ Stroud or Bryce Young, unless both have already been taken earlier.

But even if they fail to land either prospect, the Packers still have many more chances (they have 10 picks in this draft) to find their next star quarterback - after all, Rodgers himself did not get his name called until No. 24.

And either way, there is no threat that will arise. Love has already proven himself to be serviceable in relief of Rodgers, but as a full-time starter, he has his work cut out for him. But that can be alleviated by signing a veteran to guide him from the bench. The same is true if a drafted player gets the nod, and Love becomes a mentor from the sidelines.

That being said, Rodgers still has the final word. Following recent rumors, talks between him and the Jets have hit a standstill. Here is hoping that he reaches his decision sooner rather than later.

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