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  • "Have the talent, ability but they haven't put it all together" - NFL analyst doesn't see Cowboys making a Super Bowl run
Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott

"Have the talent, ability but they haven't put it all together" - NFL analyst doesn't see Cowboys making a Super Bowl run

The Dallas Cowboys will host the San Francisco 49ers this weekend in the opening round of the NFL playoffs.

Last year, Dallas missed the playoffs mainly because of an injury to quarterback Dak Prescott, who missed the rest of the season due to an ankle injury.

Setting the standard

After a record-setting night in Philadelphia, @dak becomes the first QB in franchise history to be named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week three times in a season.

#WPMOYChallenge Prescott
7:54 AM · Jan 12, 2022

Despite their success this year, however, not everyone seems to be sold on Dallas. NFL Network analyst Maurice Jones-Drew is not buying into the team just yet.

"I think the Cowboys have the talent and the ability to do it. But they haven't put it all together. Does that make sense? When you look at their their their wins, right? It's been it's been against the NFC East... The Dallas Cowboys they're not that good to me. I don't think the Cowboys are a Super Bowl team now like maybe with the upside of a title game team."

Jones-Drew is right as Dallas has struggled against opponents from different divisions this season. In fact, they were almost swept by the AFC West this season.

The only team they defeated from that division was the LA Chargers.


The team has the talent to make a serious playoff run, but do they have the will?

With a lot of their losses this season, there have been several self-inflicted wounds that may have cost them games, so the question remains, can this team overcome that issue?

Why have the Dallas Cowboys struggled this season?

Quarterback Dak Prescott

The biggest dropoff for Dallas in their losses has been mainly on offense. Despite scoring 51 points last Saturday against division rival Philadelphia Eagles, they struggled the previous week to score only 22 points against the Arizona Cardinals.


The saving grace for this team when they have struggled has been their defense, which has kept them in games this season. They had the most takeaways of any team in the league with an average of 2.0 per game.

Then there is Trevon Diggs, who led the league with 11 interceptions in the regular season.

Thank you god twitter.com/nflonfox/statu…
The only player to record double-digit interceptions this season

@dallascowboys CB @TrevonDiggs is your 2021 Int leader!
2:32 AM · Jan 10, 2022

If Dallas to make a run this year towards the Super Bowl, it would most likely be because of their defensive prowess.

If the offense can play the way they have played in the earlier part of the season, they could be a legit Super Bowl contender.

However, if they struggle as they have been known to do this season, they may be out of the playoffs in just one week.

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