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The 1985 Chicago Bears had the most feared defense in the NFL

Best NFL team of all time

Last season, the NFL celebrated its 100-year anniversary. So if you're trying to identify the NFL's best team of all time, just keep in mind that there are a lot of teams to choose from over the course of a century.

Out of all the great teams in the NFL's past, the numbers show that the best of all time is the 1985 Chicago Bears.


In 1985, one thing that NFL teams knew was that when the Chicago Bears came to town, they were in for a fight. The 1985 Chicago Bears defense was full of heavyweight fighters. The offense was full of talent and very explosive through the air and on the ground. The 1985 Chicago Bears didn't go into football games to just win, they went in to dominate their opponents.

1985 Chicago Bears' offense

The Chicago Bears were led by quarterback Jim McMahon and running back Walter "Sweetness" Payton. Considered by many to be the greatest NFL running back of all time, Payton would rush for over 1,500 yards during the 1985 regular season. He would add to those rushing yards with nine rushing touchdowns.


Chicago's quarterback Jim McMahon would throw for 2,392 yards and 15 passing touchdowns in 1985.

The Bears had something that a lot of teams did not have in the 1980's and that is two talented tight ends. Emery Moorehead and Tim Wrightman would rack up 888 receiving yards for the Bears offense.

The Chicago Bears wide receivers were led by Dennis McKinnon. McKinnon would have 555 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns during in the 1985 NFL season.

The Chicago Bears defense got the majority of the attention from opponents, but he Bears offense was a great asset for the Bears defense. The Bears offense would score 456 points ranking second in the NFL that seasion.


1985 Chicago Bears' Defense

The Chicago Bears were led by their defense during the 1985 season. The Bears defense would only give up 198 points, which led the NFL. The defense was full of Hall of Famers and helped lead the 1985 Chicago Bears to a 15-1 record in the regular season.

Before the season, the Chicago Bears would draft one of the most memorable characters to play the game of football. Defensive tackle William "The Fridge" Perry would come on the scene in Chicago and make an immediate impact on the Bears defense. In his rookie season, Perry would record 5 sacks and recover two fumbles. He would add to those totals with 31 tackles. Perry would also catch two touchdown passes and rush for a touchdown during his rookie season, used as a running back in goal-line situations.

The 1985 Chicago Bears defense would have 34 interceptions during the season. They would also record 64 sacks. The Bears defense accounted for 4 touchdowns on the defensive side of the ball. This Bears defense is the best defense in their franchise's history.


1985 Chicago Bears' playoff run

The 1985 Chicago Bears would make their presence known again in the playoffs. The Bears would enter the divisional round to play the New York Giants and they would shut out the Giants.

The Chicago Bears would welcome the St. Louis Rams in the NFC Championship game. Chicago would not give up a single point to the Rams and would pitch a shutout for the second straight playoff game.

The Chicago Bears defense was a big key to their success in the 1985 playoffs. The defense would account for 3 interceptions, 16 sacks, and 1 touchdown during the two playoff games and Super Bowl. Entering into the Super Bowl to play the New England Patriots, the Bears defense was the main focus.

The New England Patriots were coming into the Super Bowl against the Bears to break the streak of shutouts.

The Patriots were successful in not getting shut out by the 1985 Chicago Bears but could not defeat them. The Bears would beat the Patriots 46-10 to cap off their amazing season. The Chicago Bears would outscore opponents 91-10 in the 1985 NFL playoffs.

These stats have made the 1985 Chicago Bears the best team in NFL history.

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