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Can you get the NFL Sunday Ticket without YouTube TV?

Can you get the NFL Sunday Ticket without YouTube TV? Exploring stipulations for 2023

After the 2022 NFL season, YouTube acquired NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV. At least until 2030, YouTube will continue to offer the out-of-market bundle. The only option for watching live out-of-market NFL games is via streaming, thanks to NFL Sunday Ticket's recent addition to YouTube.

Additional ways to get NFL Sunday tickets besides YouTube TV this season exist. Various methods exist to get out-of-market NFL programming without committing to a whole TV package.


Primetime channels are the first option for purchasing an NFL Sunday Ticket membership other than YouTube TV. The Primetime Channels portal, accessible on YouTube, functions as an outlet where you can buy independent streaming memberships.

This just in! We’ve heard your feedback about @NFL Sunday Ticket streaming limits and we’re excited to share that we’re including unlimited simultaneous streams at home for @NFL Sunday Ticket content, on both YouTube TV and @YouTube. 🤠

With the November introduction of YouTube Primetime Channels, you can gain access to providers like Starz, Showtime, and Paramount Plus and watch them straight on YouTube without switching between multiple applications. There is a monthly cost for each. You won't also have to pay for YouTube TV if you use Primetime Channels to subscribe to Sunday Ticket on the platform for a cost.


The cost is the biggest drawback to purchasing an NFL Sunday ticket via YouTube primetime channels. Compared to YouTube TV, YouTube Primetime Channels require an upfront payment of $100 more. However, by eliminating the monthly membership charge for YouTube TV, you still end up saving money over time.

Finding a nearby restaurant or pub on game days is another option for watching NFL games live on Sundays without becoming a YouTube TV subscriber. The Sports Bar Finder app from DIRECTV can be used to accomplish this. Then, for the cost of an appetizer, watch your preferred NFL team play.


What’s the implication of the NFL Sunday Ticket?

American football is among the most beloved and frequently aired sports leagues in the world. In 2022, roughly 17.6 million people tuned in to watch an NFL game during the regular season, while more than 113 million people tuned in for the Super Bowl.

Owners of NFL Sunday tickets account for a portion of NFL viewing audiences. You can enjoy Sunday games that aren't aired in your area or country by purchasing the NFL Sunday Ticket plan.

YouTube TV has announced that their NFL Sunday Ticket offering will allow unlimited streams per account, ONLY from within your home. Outside the home users will still be limited to a 2 simultaneous stream limit. No 4K, 1080p and they will be launching multiview option. #youtubetv

What’s the cost of NFL Sunday tickets in 2023?


Consider setting aside money for your ticket for the upcoming 2023 campaign. In an essay published in April, YouTube revealed the cost of its NFL Sunday Ticket.

Early-bird subscriptions are available from YouTube TV to Base Plan subscribers for $249 for the entire season, which is $100 less than the usual price of $349.


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