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  • "A shame" - Cowboys legend Jimmy Johnson unimpressed with what he's seen from Dak Prescott so far
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys

"A shame" - Cowboys legend Jimmy Johnson unimpressed with what he's seen from Dak Prescott so far

If there's one thing former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson knows, that's winning championships and identifying good quarterbacks; and he's not impressed with current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

FOX Sports tweeted that Prescott now has the same playoff record (1-3) that Tony Romo had through his first six seasons as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys. Retweeting it, Jimmy Johnson summed up Prescott's performance in two words:

"A shame...," Johnson wrote.

Prescott wasn't bad, but he wasn't great either. He threw for 254 yards, a touchdown and an interception. That interception, which led to another 49ers touchdown, was the difference in the ballgame.

A shame… twitter.com/nflonfox/statu…
Dak Prescott now has the same playoff record that Tony Romo had through his first 6 seasons of being the starting QB for the Cowboys.
3:24 AM · Jan 18, 2022

As others have pointed out, Prescott is almost at the same point in his career (Prescott will enter his seventh year in 2022) as Romo was through his first six years as the starting quarterback. Like Romo, Prescott has only one playoff win in his first six seasons. By contrast, Troy Aikman had already won two Super Bowls by the time he entered the seventh year in the league.

When Jimmy Johnson was coach of the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s, they won back-to-back Super Bowl titles and many considered his teams as the team of the 90s.


Johnson's quarterback during that run was Fox NFL analyst and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman. The Aikman and Jimmy Johnson combination was fierce. Ironically, the only team that ever challenged the Cowboys and kept them from winning three straight titles were the San Fransicio 49ers who were led by Steve Young.

Jimmy Johnson and Aikman's relationship worked well because they both wanted the same thing and went about getting what they wanted the same way. Johnson was tough on his players and many wondered after the Cowboys' loss on Sunday what his response would have been after this loss.

Johnson would cut players for making those kinds of mistakes in football games. But his wasn't the only voice that was critical of the Cowboys on Sunday.

Jimmy Johnson not alone in his criticism

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints

Troy Aikman was also critical of the Cowboys' play, calling on the offense in their loss to the 49ers saying this according to Sports Illustrated.

Troy Aikman on @dfwticket on Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb only having one catch vs. the 49ers:
8:36 AM · Jan 19, 2022
"There was a lot of single coverage on CeeDee Lamb,” Aikman said on 96.7FM The Ticket in Dallas on Wednesday. ”I hate going back to [when I was playing] because nobody cares, but what I see around the league — it's not just Dallas, I've seen it with a lot of teams—a lot of these offenses want to scheme things.
”[Michael Irvin] would've had 10 catches at halftime if they played us the way they played CeeDee Lamb in that game... The game is not that difficult. If I've got a great player at wide receiver and a corner is playing him in single coverage, throw him the ball. He's going to win most of the time.”

It definitely was a frustrating afternoon for the Cowboys offense, who didn't seem to get together until the end of the game, and by then, it was too late. There is a lot of blame going around, but it starts with Dak Prescott.

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