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Seahawks receiver D.K. Metcalf mixes a rare combination of physical dominance and flashing speed

NFL 2020: D.K. Metcalf is the new blueprint of 'Beast Mode' for the Seattle Seahawks

A generation of Seattle Seahawks fans equate "Beast Mode" with retired running back Marshawn Lynch. But powerhouse pass-catcher D.K. Metcalf may be taking that moniker to a whole new level.

Led by all-everything quarterback Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks haven't really needed a lot more help on offense in recent years. However, the Seahawks landed a powerful weapon when they drafted wide receiver D.K. Metcalf in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft. And they are just now realizing the rewards of their sinewy selection.

Despite being a second round pick, D.K. Metcalf entered the NFL with all the muscle and measurables of a bona fide star

The 6'4", 235 pound man-child is the son of former Chicago Bears lineman Terrence Metcalf, so he was definitely born with a pro pedigree. And like his father, he's an alumnus of Ole Miss and was a multi-sport athlete.

The difference is that the younger Metcalf is a skill player who possesses uncanny speed for a guy his size. He clocks in at a blistering 4.33 seconds in the 40-yard dash. Add in a pair of hands that are the size of catcher's mitts, and you have a recipe for disaster for any NFL defensive back who has to match up with him.


It didn't take long for friend and foe alike to realize just how special of an athlete Metcalf was ... or just how big of an impact he could have on the Seahawks' offense.

He finished his rookie year with over 900 yards receiving and caught five touchdowns. Then? He shined in the postseason.

In the Seahawks' wild-card round victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, Metcalf set a league record for most receiving yards in a playoff game by a rookie (160)/ He even earned praise from the biggest 'Beast' of them all, Marshawn Lynch:

Thus far in 2020, Metcalf has already registered 496 yards and five scores in the Seahawks' first five games, and appears to be on his way to a breakout season. As he gets more and more comfortable playing in Seattle's offense, he has the opportunity to become one of the elite pass catchers in all of the NFL.


While he is flanked by established receivers like T.J. Lockett and veteran tight end Gregg Olsen, Metcalf brings a physical element to the game that is rare for someone of his skill and speed. His height, power, and burst put him in a category that defies logic.

In other words? He's part Randy Moss, part Sherman Tank. And that has spelled disaster for Seahawks' opponents.

Metcalf is quickly emerging as one of quarterback Russell Wilson's favorite targets in the Seahawks' offense.

Thus far, Metcalf's only setbacks have been due to injuries. He had limited playing time in college due to numerous ailments, which probably led to him falling in the draft. But it appears that he's primed to put all those past calamities behind him and become an integral part of a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

With the golden arm of Russell Wilson, the genius of coach Pete Carroll, and the horde of the "12th Man" fans behind him, who knows?

We may be seeing the rise of a whole new 'Beast' in Seattle

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