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  • NFL: How much is Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder worth?
Dan Snyder in NFL's crosshairs

NFL: How much is Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder worth?

Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder is a self-made billionaire.


He bought the team in 1999 for $750 million and has been the owner of the team since.

Snyder started a marketing business after he dropped out of the University of Maryland. He sold Snyder Communications in 2000 to French firm Havas for $2.1 billion in stock.

Under Snyder's ownership, Washington's value rose from $750 million to $4.2 billion.

Snyder made a sizeable purchase in 2019. Washington's owner bought a $192 million yacht. 'Lady S.', Dan Snyder's yacht, has a built-in IMAX theater. He made appearances on Forbes 400 in 2020 and Forbes Billionaires list in 2020.

Dan Snyder has been extremely successful since dropping out of college. He was the youngest CEO of a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange in 1996.


As of right now, Dan Snyder has a net worth of $4.9 billion.

How Dan Snyder went from college dropout to billionaire

Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder is the 15th richest NFL owner with a net worth of $4.9 billion. Denver Broncos co-owner Rob Walton leads the way with a net worth of $59.8 billion.


Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper is in second place with a net worth of $16.7 billion.

Dan Snyder's first job was right after high school. Snyder began working at the White Flint Mall at the B. Dalton bookstore after graduating from Charles W. Woodward High School. When Dan Snyder was 17, he went into business with his father.

The Snyders began selling bus-trip packages to fans of the Washington Capitals. Unfortunately for Dan Snyder, that business didn't last long, but he wasn't deterred.

Snyder started his own magazine called Campus USA. Businessmen Martimer Zuckerman and Fred Drasner invested millions into the magazine. Snyder's luck ran out again when he had to close the doors on his business after it wasn't generating enough paid advertising.


That was a low point for Dan Snyder but he continued to work towards owning a successful business. He asked his sister and father to invest in his new venture, Snyder Communications. Snyder's father took out a second mortgage on his home while his sister maxed out her credit card at $35,000.

Snyder Communications LP ventured into strategic locations like maternities, daycare centers and private lounges. Dan Snyder's business grew into a network of private daycare centers that became extremely successful. In 1991, Snyder saw his business make $2.7 million and doubled that in 1992.

After all the failures and hard work, Dan Snyder sold his company to Havas for $2.1 billion in stocks.


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