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  • De'Von Achane or Kyren Williams or Rhamondre Stevenson: Who should I start in Week 13 Fantasy Football?
DeVon Achane vs Kyren Williams vs Rhamondre Stevenson

De'Von Achane or Kyren Williams or Rhamondre Stevenson: Who should I start in Week 13 Fantasy Football?

Rhamondre Stevenson. Kyren Williams. De'Von Achane.

Three running backs drafted one year after the other - and their teams are in different trajectories.


Stevenson's New England Patriots are in freefall, their glory days with Tom Brady slowly fading into memory. Williams joined the Los Angeles Rams a year after they won the Super Bowl, but a massive regression occurred during his rookie season. Achane, meanwhile, is very fortunate to have joined an ascendant Miami Dolphins team that looks set to dominate the AFC East in the years to come.

So whom should a fantasy player choose?


Is Rhamondre Stevenson a good fantasy pick in Week 13?

Rhamondre Stevemson v New York Giants

Even with the addition of Ezekiel Elliott, the New England Patriots are one of the worst rushing teams in the league, with only 1,096 yards in 276 attempts to their name.

Still, Rhamondre Stevenson's projected RB #14 and 11.9 fantasy points are rather high for a player who has not made the expected impact.

Is Kyren Williams a good fantasy pick in Week 13?

Kyren Williams v Arizona Cardinals

Kyren Williams currently sits at RB #11 and a projected 13.1 points - not a set of bad numbers for someone whose team boasts one of the most stacked WR trios right now.


And what is even more impressive is that it is coming off the Rams trading away Cam Akers midseason, depriving them of their primary rushing weapon. As a result, the sophomore now has had a bigger weight upon him, especially with him coming off an ankle injury.

Is De'Von Achane a good fantasy pick in Week 13?

Devon Achane vs Buffalo Bills

De'Von Achane needs no introduction.

The rookie has been a massive addition to the Miami Dolphins, helping them become the league's second-most prolific rushing team, with 1,597 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Surprisingly, he is only RB #23 with only 8.8 projected points, which may be a testament to the talents of the Dolphins' other two primary offensive weapons - wide receivers Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

Who should I start among De'Von Achane, Kyren Williams, and Rhamondre Stevenson?

Kyren Williams surprisingly gets the nod here

In a major surprise, the Start/Sit Optimizer is siding with Kyren Williams.

He is projected to have more yards, both rushing and receiving, than his competition, as well as more receptions. The only categories he loses are rushing and receiving touchdowns.

And his next opponents are the Cleveland Browns, who are not exactly the best at stopping the run despite their claimed defensive prowess.

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