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Devin Singletary of the Buffalo Bills

Devin Singletary landing spots: Top 3 destinations for former Bills' RB in free agency

Several players have become unrestricted free agents and entered the open market in free agency, which is very well the case for RB Devin Singletary.

Each free agent is unique and has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Tony Pollard, Josh Jacobs and Saquon Barkley were among the several running backs in this year's class who were initially expected to enter the market. It should come as no surprise that their current teams franchise-tagged them. Since then, a plethora of running backs with less ability but high quality have found new homes.


The best part is that a player like Singletary can still find a new employer. Singletary ought to be able to find a team ready to add him to their roster as long as he has reasonable expectations for his position. What are some potential destinations for him in the 2023 season?

#1 New York Giants

Regardless of how the Saquon Barkley situation pans out, Devin Singletary might find a home in New York. In the Giants' offense, Barkley had a fabulous season, and they will probably take every measure to have him next season.

To help balance the burden in the backfield, New York might seek to partner Barkley with another running back. Singletary may be the ideal player to play alongside Barkley, as he could be a danger in the passing attack for Daniel Jones or anyone else at quarterback, apart from being an efficient rusher.

Devin Singletary could be a fabulous fit if the Giants fail to re-sign Saquon Barkley, as he's familiar with Brian Daboll's playbook, and Daboll understands what he would get from Singletary. If so, the Giants could select another running back to combine with Singletary in the draft.


#2 Denver Broncos

Despite Javonte Williams' impressive performance, there are still significant injury worries in light of the terrible knee injury he sustained against the Las Vegas Raiders last year, which culminated in several ruptured ligaments.

According to Denver Broncos general manager George Paton, Williams is scheduled to start the 2023 season. However, talks have suggested that Williams is considerably farther behind than the team wants to admit.

Devin Singletary would make a great addition to the squad. As he proved while playing with the Bills, Singletary is a competent running back who can play both the No. 1 and the 1B roles. The only other running backs on the roster right now are Tyler Badie, a youngster out of Missouri last year, and Samaje Perine, who was just signed.


#3 Arizona Cardinals

Devin Singletary might be quite appealing in a normal free-agent market. His four seasons of solid performances in the Bills' pass-happy system have been impressive.

As a rusher, he does well. With 672 career rushes, he hasn't put up that many miles and has recorded an average of 4.7 yards per carry throughout his four years. He's also a capable receiver, with 145 catches over that period. However, Devin Singletary seems to be more of a supplementary component in a backfield group than a foundational element of an offensive line.

James Conner, whose NFL career has been marred by injuries, would make sense to be paired with Devin Singletary by the Arizona Cardinals. Singletary has always embodied availability. Only seven backs — including Singletary — have participated in all 34 regular-season games in the last two years.

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