"Professor" Martellus Bennett

Exclusive: NFL Legend Martellus Bennett on being a "professor," Dos Equis, goals & more

For American sports fans, October is a wonderful time of year. After all, simultaneously you can not only watch pre-season, regular season and post-season action from the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB, but also college football.

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking with "Professor" Jay Cutler -- the legendary former quarterback of the Chicago Bears -- about his working with the College Football Football College. As part of such, Dos Equis is offering a curriculum of 10 free, binge-able lessons covering topics from trick plays to offensive positions which are all it takes to earn that coveted “degree” in college football watching… and a chance to win tickets to the College Football Playoff National Championship in New Orleans, just by taking the final exam.


Another "professor" as part of this interesting program is Martellus Bennett. The former Texas A&M tight end (and Superbowl Champion) spoke with me on October 30, 2019 about college football, finding post-NFL success with his multimedia production company, his musical aspirations and plenty more.

While the full interview is embedded below for your viewing pleasure, part of the interview has been transcribed exclusively for readers of Sportskeeda. More on the future NFL Hall Of Famer can be found online at www.twitter.com/MartysaurusRex.

On whether this is the first time he has been a teacher:

Martellus Bennett: I've done some courses at universities before. (laughs) But I teach all the time. Technically no one ever called me "professor," but I've been teaching my whole life. And my whole life has been a lesson, so I've been a student and a teacher.


On who the final four is going to be this year:

Martellus Bennett: I have no idea. You know Alabama's going to be in there because there's always in there. But I really don't know... I've never been a predictions guy, because football can just go any way. Anyone can lose at any time, and you just never know what's gonna happen. Except Alabama. But they lost, too. So it's true. (laughs)

On how he thinks Texas A&M is doing this season:

Martellus Bennett: I think they're doing okay. They've got to put together complete games... You see moments where you're just like, "Take the right angle, make the tackle." I think it's just [about] putting the full game together, all three phases of the game: special teams, offense and defense.

On his proudest career accomplishment:


Martellus Bennett: Just starting my own business and being able to publish my own products... Things like that. I'm most proud of the work I'm doing at the Imagination Agency. My last book was Dear Black Boy and that did really well. I've done seven other books and I'm writing movies... I just try to put myself in a position where my dreams can come true.

On his last words for the kids:

Martellus Bennett: Just always move in the direction of your dreams. Never away.

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