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Exploring Green Bay Packers' playoff chances

Green Bay Packers playoff chances: Can the Jordan Love-led team make the Super Bowl?

Jordan Love might be the Packers' starting quarterback this year, but the 2023 season is eerily reminiscent of the 2022 season. Last year, the Packers had their backs up against the wall and the season seemed all but over. By the end of the year, the team was red-hot and became playoff-relevant.

Could Green Bay be in for another such late-season surge and even perhaps serve as the NFC representative in the Super Bowl? Here's a look at what is likely on deck for the franchise in the coming weeks.


Currently, the team is 5-6 and sits in the eighth seed of the NFC. They need to get to at least the seventh spot to qualify for the playoffs.

Here's a look at what could shake out over the next six games, courtesy of Pro Football Network's NFL Playoff Predictor

Packers reach playoffs to face Lions, per Pro Football Network's Playoff Predictor

Projecting Packers' record over rest of 2023 NFL schedule

Jordan Love dons helmet at Green Bay Detroit Football

Week 13: Kansas City at Green Bay, 21-19 L

The Packers are predicted to come up short in primetime to the defending Super Bowl champions, setting a dark tone for the final season stretch.

Week 14: Green Bay at New York Giants 26–15 W

The Packers bounced back against the Giants with a comfortable victory, although not by the widest margin that the Giants have lost this season.


Week 15: Tampa Bay at Green Bay 23–17 W

Jordan Love stacks wins together with a win over Baker Mayfield by a touchdown. However, Christan Watson and Jayden Reed fail to take full advantage of the Buccaneers' struggling secondary.

Week 16: Green Bay at Carolina, 29–21 W

Bryce Young takes another loss as the Panthers season continues to spiral, but they keep it interesting.

Week 17: Green Bay at Minnesota 27-22 W

Green Bay gets a tie-breaking win over the Minnesota Vikings as they continue to feel out their options without Kirk Cousins.

Week 18: Chicago at Green Bay, 16–15 L

Green Bay loses in Week 18 for the second time in two years. Jordan Love won't be able to say he "owns" Justin Fields after this stunner.

Packers win playoff game after 9-8 final season standings

Green Bay loses in Divisional Round of 2023 NFL Playoffs per Pro Football Network's Playoff Predictor

All of that said, even with the loss to the Bears, Jordan Love is predicted to make the playoffs in the team's first year without Aaron Rodgers.

They're predicted to face the Detroit Lions, pulling out a victory. However, the winning streak in the playoffs stops there, and they are forced to face the Philadelphia Eagles the following week. As a consolation, they lose to the eventual Super Bowl Champions.

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