Adia Barnes and Peter Barnes

How did Adia Barnes' father die?

Adia Barnes is the head coach of the Arizona Wildcats women's basketball team and a recruiting trip turned into a life changing experience. Barnes received a phone call from a former teammate of her fathers telling her that Pete's condition was getting worse. The apartment that Peter Barnes was staying at had been taking multiple payments from Barnes and taking advantage of him.

Adia Barnes went and moved her father out of the situation and moved him in a better one. She didn't pack him clothes or anything she just told him that he was moving to a better place. Adia Barnes moved Pete Barnes to Tuscon, Arizona so that she could care for him. With that being said, what did Peter Barnes suffer from that made his daughter move him to Arizona.

Adia Barnes' father Peter Barnes suffered from Alzheimer's disease

Former NFL LB Peter Barnes

Adia Barnes moved her father to Tucson, Arizona because his Alzheimer's disease was getting worse. This also gave Adia the opportunity to get to know her father better over a 10 month period with him. Unfortunately that was the last 10 months that the two would spend together.


Peter Barnes passed away on May 3rd at the Tucson hospice care and lost his battle with Alzheimer's. Barnes was 72-years-old when he passed away. Adia Barnes felt that time went by too fast, which it normally does in that situation.

Adia Barnes went on to say this about the experience she had with her father. "I'm glad I did it. I look back and I told my sisters this: If we hadn't done wouldn't have done something, he would have just died." She went on to say, "I didn't think he was going to decline so fast. I think God did this for a purpose, for me to spend the rest of his life with him."

Adia Barnes' story about her relationship with her biological father is heartwarming. The fact that she hadn't seen him since she was three years old and went to help him in the remaining months of his life is remarkable. It speaks volumes to the type of person that she is and dropped her recruiting trip to save her father.

Peter Barnes never forgot his daughter Adia Barnes, even with Alzheimer's. Adia Barnes told the media: "Of course he knew who I was, I'm his baby." The Arizona Wildcats coach will forever remember the 10 months she got to spend with her father before his passing.


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