Super Bowl LV

How many Super Bowl MVPs does Tom Brady have?

Tom Brady has won his 7th Super Bowl and 5th Super Bowl MVP of his career, and is now leading the league with the most Super Bowl wins by any player, coach, or team.

He gave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers their second Super Bowl win in franchise history and could just be on his way to win their third one next year as well. Of course, this would depend upon whether Brady retires with a band or chooses to continue on.


On top of all that, Tom Brady won the Super Bowl LV MVP award to cap off his performance for the night. Brady completed 21 of 29 passes for 201 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions. He had a rating of 125.8 for the night, the highest he has had in all 10 Super Bowl appearances he has had.

How many Super Bowl MVP's has Tom Brady won?

Tom Brady cemented his 'GOAT' status


Tom Brady won his 5th Super Bowl MVP award of his career and now has the most Super Bowl MVP awards given to a player. The last time Brady won the MVP award was in 2016, when Brady completed a comeback overtime win against the Atlanta Falcons. It certainly says a lot about Brady's GOAT status in the league and should be an undisputed subject now.

His first Super Bowl MVP award was in Super Bowl XXXVI, where he also completed a comeback win against the then St. Louis Rams. His next award would be after two years in XXXVIII.

We all know what happened in Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks, which gave Brady his third Super Bowl MVP award.

Tom Brady may not have played on MVP-caliber like Aaron Rodgers did this past season, but he certainly played like a league MVP in Super Bowl LV. He showed us to never doubt him, no matter his age.

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