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Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp

How much will Aaron Donald Make in 2022?

Aaron Donald renewed his contract with the Los Angeles Rams, making him the highest paid non-quarterback player in NFL history. The defensive tackle won the Super Bowl with the Rams last season and got the all-valuable final sack that won the game. He is a three-time NFL defensive player of the year and has made it to the Pro Bowl eight times, a streak that began in 2014.


There was concern that he would not return to the NFL having won the Super Bowl, which he craved, and there being doubts about whether a contract compromise could be reached. Nonetheless, he has now inked the final deal and is ready to go again.

Aaron Donald is worth USD 60 million

In 2017, Aaron Donald signed a six-year deal worth $135 million. It included $87 million guaranteed and a $40 million signing bonus. He also netted around half a million from his endorsement deals with products from Electronic Arts and Dick's Sporting Goods. In 2018, he was the fifth-highest player in the league. All this saw his net worth total $60 million.

Aaron Donald is an American Football Player for the Los Angeles Rams Team of NFL who has a massive net worth of $60 Million.
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His high net worth is richly deserved considering his achievements over the years and now it has been rewarded with a newly restructured deal.


Aaron Donald signs new deal

Based on the previous contract, Aaron Donald was expected to earn $52.25 million over the next three years. Now, as per the newly restructured deal, he will earn $95 million over the same period. He stands to make $31.5 million this year and $28.5 million the following year for a total of $60 million. In 2023, another $5 million will be guaranteed. In 2024, he can either choose to retire or return for more. If he does return, a further $35 million will be guaranteed as well. This raises the total to $95 million. There is also a no trade clause in the deal.

There was a question about whether or not Aaron Donald would show up for minicamp. No longer a question: He came in, took a physical, and signed his new deal. Officially, official. twitter.com/rapsheet/statu…
Sources: The #Rams have re-worked All-World DT Aaron Donald’s 3 remaining contract years to give him a massive $40M raise through 2024, making him the highest paid non-QB in NFL history at 31 years old. He gets $95M(!) through 2024.

Only 7 players in the league will earn $95 million or more over the next three years, and all of them are quarterbacks. Aaron Donald's valuation puts him among the elite and should see his net worth significantly increase over the coming years. If he keeps up the level of play that he has for the past eight seasons, then who is to say that he will not make even more before this deal is up? This is a great deal for one of the best players in the league and could become a benchmark for other players as well.

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