AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs

"It was Brady-esque" - Skip Bayless boldly claims Joe Burrow outplayed Patrick Mahomes in AFC Championship game

The Kansas City Chiefs, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, defeated the Joe Burrow-led Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in yesterday's AFC Championship game.

BREAKING: Patrick Mahomes rallies Kansas City for game-winning field goal against Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20. Chiefs to face Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl.…

The last time the two teams played was in December, where the Bengals won 27-24 in a closely-contested matchup.

Following the aftermath of Conference Championship Sunday, Skip Bayless discussed with Shannon Sharpe on "Undisputed" how Joe Burrow outplayed Patrick Mahomes while being in a position like Tom Brady.

Bayless said:

"I watched Joe Burrow slightly, I'll just go slightly outplay Patrick Mahomes yet again. He was in position to be 4-0 against Patrick Mahomes. But I'm gonna give Mahomes this. He was on an ankle that I thought was about 80%. That's what I predicted it would be, and that's exactly what it was. And he practiced all week...
"CBS reported as the game began that he elected not to get shot up with any pain killer. I guess they thought he could move around. And I thought he moved around plenty okay enough, given the fact that his protection was about 95% better than Joe burrow's protection."

Bayless then went on to compare the two QB's offensive lines. He pointed to how Mahomes' line was far superior at protecting him than Burrow's offensive line.

He added:

"You realize that Patrick Mahomes' offensive line, through this regular season that we just witnessed, led the league by far in pass block win rate. And you saw it on full display yesterday because they could get next to no pressure on Patrick Mahomes. It was 69%. They won their past blocks that was by far the best in the league. And you saw it on full display."
"Because, on the flip side of it, Joe Burrow was running for his life the whole day. And usually he just says, 'Okay, I give up' or he's dirt balling, or he's just ducking for cover. It was Brady-esque, except Joe Burrow's a lot younger than than Tom Brady, obviously. And you've said, 'Well, he looks down the barrel and takes it in the mouth.' Well, yesterday, there was no barrel to look down because he sets and he's going down."

Yesterday's victory marks the first time Patrick Mahomes has beaten Joe Burrow in four matchups

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs

There's a first for everything, and yesterday marked the first time in Patrick Mahomes' career where he defeated the Bengals.

Mahomes beats the Bengals. On one leg.

Mahomes was 0-3 versus the the Bengals heading into Sunday's contest. He lost to the Bengals toward the end of the regular season in 2022, and then lost to them four weeks later in last year's AFC Championship game.


The two teams met up in early December during the regular season, where the Bengals won by a score of 27-24.

Yesterday, the Chiefs finally ended up on top and beat the Bengals by three points for their first victory over them in the Patrick Mahomes era.

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