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  • "He brought buddies to sip cocktails and leer at cheerleaders during workouts" - Jerry Jones in hot water amid Cowboys voyeurism scandal
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"He brought buddies to sip cocktails and leer at cheerleaders during workouts" - Jerry Jones in hot water amid Cowboys voyeurism scandal

New reports are now coming out about Jerry Jones and the Cowboys voyeurism scandal. As the story goes, Jerry Jones almost fired a Cowboys executive for voyeurism on some of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Jerry Jones called his club’s inquiry of a senior executive spying on Cowboys cheerleaders in their dressing room “a look-see.” 🤦🏻‍♂️
12:20 PM · Feb 26, 2022

But reports continue to pour in about Jones' own behavior during this. Sarah Hepola’s Texas Monthly podcast described Jones' behavior:

"Jones would bring buddies up to sip cocktails and leer at cheerleaders during their workouts."

Hepola also reported that he would bring some cheerleaders on trips and expected them to put on their cheerleading uniforms and walk around with Jones' guests.


Jones' own sexist attitude towards women may explain Rich Dalrymple's, a Cowboys executive in question during the scandal, own behavior towards women.

Dalrympie is at the center of the scandal and the exec was called out for his voyerism back in 2015, which he denies.


But if Jones' own behavior is any indication, you can understand why Dalrympie perhaps felt that he could act in the same manner, including reports that he tried to look up the skirt of Jones' own daughter Charlotte.

Jones settled things out of court by paying $2.4 million to the victims involved, but what Jerry Jones didn't do was fire Rich Dalrymple. He was allowed to stay on with the team and retired six years later.

Jerry Jones' other scandalous moments

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This is not the first time Jerry Jones has been in a scandal. Pictures of Jones and other young women resurfaced across the internet back in 2014, with the Cowboys owner looking as if he had one too many cocktails.

Jones then insisted that at the time, the pictures that were taken were five years old.

Still can’t believe Jerry Jones’ personal PR guy/fixer was a creep who took video of cheerleaders changing.
8:19 AM · Feb 27, 2022

He has also been called out in the past by former head coach Jimmy Johnson for letting his guests come to the sidelines during football games. One of the reasons Jones and Johnson had issues was his consistent interference.

Jones may believe that his actions and the actions of those around him are harmless, but they are dangerous. The image of the Cowboys organization takes a hit every time these types of stories come out.

Jones may not care because he seems untouchable at this point, but you have to wonder at this stage of his life if another incident like this occurs under his watch, if he will be forced to step down and allow his children to take over the organization.

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