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"So Matthew Stafford is an a**hole" - NFL fans upset with QB's reaction to photographer falling off stage in Super Bowl parade

Many were excited to see Matthew Stafford win his first Super Bowl with the L.A. Rams, but those feelings quickly evaporated after seeing an incident that took place at the Rams parade.

A reporter fell off stage in front of Matthew Stafford and the star quarterback turned away and did nothing to help.


Now, some fans have pointed out that Matthew Stafford may have been drunk during that time, but what Matthew Stafford didn't do made headlines across social media.

Jeff certainly didn't think much of Stafford after he turned his back on this female photographer.

So Matthew Stafford is an asshole who turned around and walked away when a female photographer fell from the stage and was seriously injured (she fractured her spine in the fall). Good to know. twitter.com/LoganTheHammer…
@AdamSchefter get on Matthew Stafford watching a photographer fall of the stage at the Rams parade and walk away 🤦‍♂️
8:08 AM · Feb 17, 2022

Tundera Elkhound took it a step further and thinks the photographer, who was paid to take pics of Stafford and his wife, should sue him.

@Jeff424V And she fell while she was taking a photo of Stafford at his wife’s request! Why isn’t he paying her med bills or visiting her in the hospital? If this doesn’t count as work comp, she should sue him.
11:21 AM · Feb 17, 2022

Others have even lower opinions of Stafford right now.

Jeff continued to drag Stafford despite the fact that there is news that he may be paying for the injured photographer's medical bills.

@ChuckBassFFB Stafford showed absolutely no concern. None. I didn't expect him to do CPR on her, but c'mon man. At least don't walk away like she wasn't even there.
12:33 PM · Feb 17, 2022

If Matthew Stafford thought he would get off the hook that easily, he thought wrong. Lots of fans are upset that he did nothing in the beginning to help the young woman that was injured trying to do her job.


Still, there were plenty of fans who came to Stafford's rescue and attempted to blame his actions on him being drunk.

Matthew Stafford has some defenders

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals

Matthew Stafford didn't exactly come off looking like a hero in this situation, but a lot of fans came to his defense after the incident took place, even mentioning that he was reportedly paying for her medical bills.

Jason G. wanted to remind people that Stafford was drunk and that was probably the main reason he didn't help in the first place.

@Jeff424V Did you actually him at the parade? He was drunk beyond drunk. I’m if you drink an entire bottle of 1942 and several beers in an hour you’d be right to the rescue right?
11:51 AM · Feb 17, 2022

VerbalMilk also wanted to remind others that he is paying her medical bills now.

According to reports, Stafford is indeed paying the medical bills of the young photographer, which is noble of him.

#UPDATE: @RamsNFL quarterback Matthew Stafford and the team said they would cover the hospital bills and replace broken cameras for a photographer who fell off the stage during the team's Super Bowl rally cbsloc.al/3522jxJ
3:47 AM · Feb 17, 2022

Some fans, however, aren't buying Stafford's noble act and still think he was a jerk for not helping in the first place.

Fans like King Canelo think it's too little, too late.

@CBSLA @RamsNFL Lmao. Drunk stafford didn’t care about her when it happened. Now sober stafford wants to help. Lol
3:52 AM · Feb 17, 2022

Pilicous agreed that Stafford's gesture holds very little meaning right now.

@CBSLA @RamsNFL He messed up and believes that money pays off everything. Dude dignity and respect do not have a price.
4:57 AM · Feb 17, 2022

X-CaliNativeLA thinks everyone should lay off the star quarterback and remember that he didn't push her and that this was still an accident.

@CBSLA @RamsNFL Watch where u step, he didn't push her, it was a damn accident
6:59 AM · Feb 17, 2022

Whatever the outcome, Stafford didn't push her and the consensus is that he was too drunk to recognize what had happened and that's why he didn't help her in the first place,

But after recognizing his mistake, he is helping her out now, so you've got to give him at least a little credit for trying to amend his mistake.

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