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5 Players who have missed the most field goals in NFL history

One of the most important positions in the NFL is that of a place kicker. You would think quarterbacks or wide receivers are the highest points earners in the league. But if you look at the stats, the top 25 players in league history in career scoring are all placekickers.

Kickers are one of the highest-scoring positions because they get so many chances to score a field goal. When a team scores a touchdown, a kicker will score a point for their team.


Similarly, when a team reaches 35 yards, they get to score three points.

So even if the team's offense is ordinary, kickers can still score points that could be a game changer for the team.


Let's look at the kickers who have the most missed field goals in the history of the National Football League.

5. Fred Cox (173)


Fred Cox attempted 455 field goals while playing for the Minnesota Vikings between 1963 and 1977, missing 173 of them. In league history, it is the fifth-highest total. He spent all 14 seasons with the Vikings. With 1,365 points scored in NFL history, he is ranked 35th.

4. Jim Turner (184)

Jim Turner was a kicker for 16 seasons, from 1964 to 1979 for 16 seasons. Before spending nine seasons with the Denver Broncos, he spent seven with the New York Jets. In his career, he has scored 304 field goals while also missing 184 of them. With 1,439 points scored in NFL history, he is ranked 29th.

3. Jan Stenerud (185)


Jan Stenerud has played for 19 years. In that time, he played for three different teams. He played for the Kansas City Chiefs for 13 seasons, the Green Bay Packers for four, and the Minnesota Vikings for two. He attempted 558 field goals, missing 185 of them, his route to being inducted into the Hall of Fame. His 1,699 points scored rank 19th all-time in the NFL.

2. Lou Groza (217)

Due to his performance as a kicker, Lou Groza acquired the nickname "The Toe." He played for the Cleveland Browns for the entirety of his 21-year career. In practically every season that he played, he was selected to the All-Pro team. He spent 14 years playing on the offensive line while also kicking the ball. He finished 21st in points scored (1,608) but missed 217 field goals.

1. George Blanda (304)

The most missed field goals in NFL history is 304, and the recipient of this distinction is George Blanda. His legendary career lasted 27 seasons with four different teams as a quarterback, kicker and punter. On his way to the Hall of Fame, he scored the seventh-most points in NFL history with a total of 2,002.

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